Britney Haters Are So Sadly Ignorant… Why The Hate & Disrespect?

Contributed anonymously:

I have noticed how this forum is being bombed with the same essays all the time.
It’s all about who’s the queen of pop, who’s the talented, who’s the best, who’s the hoe
and always the same stuff.

And the following comments, of course, are the same, Britney’s haters hating to the fullest.
Cursing so they can try to get their point through and acting like 3rd graders.
Unfortunately, some Britney’s fans follow these steps in response to the offend.
It is noticeable though that Christina Aguilera’s fans are the worse.

Now, I have noticed the most ignorant comments to the a recent essay posted by someone
About Britney playing a singer/idol named Mona Lisa in her video DO SOMETHING.

I think it’s pretty obvious that Britney was not talking about Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa in her
song MONA LISA. Have you guys heard of metaphors before or they don’t teach you that yet in 3rd grade.
Mona Lisa, the song, is about fallen idols and legends who we admire. Britney said it herself.
Britney never said the song was about Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. If I have to put it in simple words for you
kids out there, BRITNEY USED THE NAME AS A METAPHOR TO IMPLY HOW FAMOUS THE CHARACTER IN HER SONG WAS. How dumb you all are… And please, don’t say the song is dumb because I know that if it would have been Christina who wrote this song, you would be calling it a piece of art.

And that brings me to differ with someone who said Britney compared herself to big artists and idols
out there. Britney has never done that, compare to Christina who said she is in the same level of
talent as Mozart and Beethoven. Puhlease!

And going back to MONA LISA, get your facts straight. Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is a mystery. No body
knows for certain who it is or what it stands for. Everything out there are theories. It’s a theory
that MONA LISA might be a picture of Leonardo himself dressed as a woman. It’s not a fact like you
people are saying. The closest a theory about this painting gets to fact is that this painting is that
of a girl named MONNA LISA and who married a well-known man named Francesco del Giocondo and that is why the painting is also called “La Gioconda.”

I totally understand the point of the e-mail who ANONYMOUS posted before. Britney chose the name
Mona Lisa for the character of her song as a metaphor to show the fame of this character. And
if the rumored video for the song is Britney in a coffin, it all makes sense with DO SOMETHING.
What if Britney is being in DO SOMETHING that artist/singer named MONA LISA and then dies in the
next video, which would be the video for the song MONA LISA.

It all makes perfect sense what that other person was trying to say but you people are all about
bashing. Sick you can not even have some imagination. This guy or girl was just posting his
point of view and not offending anyone and you go and bash him. You are so ridiculous.

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