Britney In Fury Over Justin Boasting Of Bedding Her

Globe magazine reports Britney Spears went into a rage after reports surfaced that Justin Timberlake had told a fellow airline passenger that he had bedded the singer. An insider revealed, “She’s absolutely livid. Britney can’t believe Justin would blab about their private moments together. She’s insulted, humiliated, and has told friends that Justin is a lowlife creep!”

Apparently Britney’s mother Lynne was her shoulder to cry on after reading the news, as a pal said she wailed to her mother, “I can’t believe Justin would do that to me! I honestly didn’t think it was in his nature to trash me in such a nasty way!”

She later fumed to a pal, “How could he do this to me? I thought Justin was different, but now I see he’s a typical man. I don’t care if I never set eyes on him again!”

The story was published just days before the couple apparently tipped Liz Smith that they are again an item, so apparently she did care about setting eyes on the *NSYNC star.

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6 thoughts on “Britney In Fury Over Justin Boasting Of Bedding Her

  1. annsangel says:

    Some insider is definitely making money off of these tabloids. We’ve already established Justin could not have been on the plane as he was still touring.

  2. Fan says:

    The Globe. Like Britney would ever believe that considering he was on tour all the days he was “flying.”

    Plus, Liz Smith isn’t lying. They all but told her the truth. There is a reason celebrities use her to spill the news. So they could get it out first before the real tabloids get it and run with it.

  3. jrtzspecial says:

    But, Justin was supposed to have been on a flight to LA on April 22nd and they were in concert in Pittsburgh that night so I don’t believe a word of him telling someone on an airplane that Britney was not a virgin….that’s just more tabloid #$%@. The media wouldn’t be able to stand the fact that they are back together so they have started more nasty rumors about them….I wish they’d let them live their lives.

  4. annsangel says:

    And can you tell me where they were suppose to have flown, Gee it seems to me all the tabloids had him playing golf, dancing with strippers, etc. So please inform the board where they flew.

    If we are gonna believe this lets believe AJ is back drinking

  5. Fan says:

    He didn’t, you were right. They had a show, and all left for the next city. Which was Memphis, then they went on to the next which was Ft. Lauderdale. He was never on a flight from Atlanta to LA. He wasn’t even in Atlanta or LA.

    The only plane people has seen him in was a few weeks ago when lots of people saw him in New Orleans airport leaving for Orlando.

  6. sierradawnskye says:

    Britney can’t believe that JT would blab about their private moments together? Give me a F!@#$%* break! Please! She would know better than to believe he said that. This post is as if she said this Bull!@#$, not only would she not believe he said that but she didn’t say She can’t believe he would blab. Not to mention, be insulted or humiliated. If she told someone he was a lowlife creep don’t you think she would know who she said that to. Think about it how many people is this post implying that she confided in? There is no way she is confiding in all of these people. Anyway he never said that and she never said this.

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