Britney Is The Poster Child For A Crippled Music Industry

Greg Kot of the Chicago Tribune reviewed Britney Spears’ new album ‘In The Zone’, and the state of the music industry in general. Kot writes, “Those looking for insights into Spears’ personality will have to settle for a few lines in the closing song. The billowy ballad ‘Everytime’ could be interpreted as an apology to her ex-boyfriend, [ star Justin Timberlake]: ‘My weakness caused you pain.’ Otherwise, the new ‘adult’ Spears sounds like a lap-dancer seducing a client…” Read more.

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10 thoughts on “Britney Is The Poster Child For A Crippled Music Industry

  1. breez says:

    I highly doubt that the average Britney fan will bother to read that lengthy but highly intelligent article. It clearly exposes Britney for the product she is – a tool. That’s all she is. And everybody is falling for it. That’s the sad bit. I agree with the article 100%.

  2. hellahooked says:

    I don’t agree with the article and whoa how long was it.. Geez. “As for the music it contains — does it really matter?” Yes it does matter. I am not going to buy (well I brought it today) a CD if it’s crap.. I was happy with this album, even though it doesn’t have the best lyrics, it’s still good and fun to listen to. “None of it had anything to do with the music,” Because people are interested in Britney, it’s not really her fault when she is one of the most talked about celebrity.

  3. jimmypee says:

    ^^^you missed the point of what he was saying. no surprise he’s above your level of intelligence. great article.

  4. crazysoul says:

    A product??? Every artist out there is a product of sorts and not only Britney. C’mon now! Society is so superficial. It’s all about image. However much you want to deny it, it sells IF combined with the right amount of charisma that not a lot of people possess. For Pete’s sake look at the hip hop industry. That is all about image! And Avril??? She’s an image as well. What is the goal of most of these artists anyway??? Sell, sell, sell!

  5. breez says:

    Yes, but there is a measure as to how much of a product such person is. Britney, is solely product. And I would prefer it if you didn’t refer to Britney as an ‘artist’. That only makes you look silly.

  6. crazysoul says:

    LOL I beg to differ with you there. She is an “artist” however difficult that may be for you to see it. As I’ve said countless times before, she does not have the best of voices and she has readily admitted this. Yet it is an average voice and not particularly unpleasant to the ear or at least to mine:P I find her songs catching so no that does not make me silly:P LOL Thanks for the amusement though.

  7. Cicero says:

    Hi breez. You normally make very good points, but I think you missed the gist of the article. It really wasn’t about Britney as much as it was about the music industry. The article was talking about how desperate they are, and that music alone won’t cut it anymore. Yeah, the article touched upon quite a bit how manufactured Britney is — but the commentary wasn’t blasting her, it was talking about the lengths the music industry in general goes to survive.

  8. rangergirl says:

    It not her fault she is one of the most talked about celebrities?!-IT WAS HER GOAL. Her management team and her put together an image (sexy but innocent “schoolgirl) , cultivated it & marketed it to death. Spears happens also to be very cute, blond and white. Hey folks -it sells product. The “music” video she made with Madonna is loaded with product placement. A couple of years ago Madonna received awful reviews for the movies and music she made. Some even called her irrelevant. Madonna no dummy to marketing notice this sweet looking girl making tons of money also being slammed in the media and saw an opportunity. (A note: when Brit first came out Madonna even took a swipe at her-slamming the “new pop” stars). Anyway, Madonna will make a few more $$ (her record company didn’t do well this year) and so will Britney. She sells because she has the right look-her music is quite secondary as is her singing.

  9. breez says:

    I’m not only talking about her vocal talent, or lack there of. Britney is not an artist, nor a musician. She is a puppet/robot/tool – call it what you will.

    Hi Cicero. I understood the article, and I do realise it was about the music industry. However, I was referring to the comments that ragged on Britney, as she was basically the only person they chose to use as an example. Anyway, I appreciate you trying to point that out to me.

  10. weebongo says:

    Britney gets all the heat cause she’s the one on top and no one comes close to her. Christina is every bit the product that Britney is and much more desperate for attention.

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