Britney Makes Unsuccessful Bid To Reunite With Justin

The Sun reports has made a desperate bid to rekindle her relationship with star Justin Timberlake. Britney turned up to Timberlake’s home in Los Angeles claiming she needed to collect some of her possessions. Meanwhile, the pop tart brought in photos of their happier times and a bottle of wine. “Pretty soon she was talking about all the romantic times they had spent together. She was constantly telling Justin what a wonderful person he is,” blabbed a pal of Timberlake’s. “She told him she still loves him and admitted she didn’t know what to do without him in her life. Then Britney got upset and dashed out of the room – she returned ten minutes later wearing one of Justin’s shirts. She said she just wanted to smell him and the shirt reminded her of all the times they had made love. Justin said by now he thought it was getting a bit weird.” When Timberlake told her they aren’t getting back together, Britney stormed out in tears. Read more.

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