Britney Reads Sex Books To Prepare For Valentine’s Wedding

The Globe reports has been reading books and watching videotapes on the art of lovemaking so that fiancee won’t be disappointed with her on their planned Valentine’s Day wedding at Britney’s home near New Orleans. A pal of Britney told the tabloid, “Britney jokes about not taking her sex books out of the house. She says, ‘I don’t want Justin to know I’m learning to be a tiger in bed. I want it to be a surprise on our wedding night.'”

As for the status of their sexual relationship before marriage, a friend said, “Of course Britney and Justin already have a physical relationship, but they haven’t gone all the way and don’t plan to until their wedding night.”

For their honeymoon night, Justin and Britney plan to spend time at The Soniat House on Chartres Street in the famed French Quarter. Check out more on The Soniat at

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