Britney Says Justin Timberlake Dance-Off Never Happened

Todd Gold from People magazine was on Fox News earlier today where he got in a big diss against rival entertainment magazine Us Weekly. When asked by Lynda Vester if the two mags were at each other’s throats in relation to their competing Britney Spears stories, Gold said, “Well, we aren’t at each other’s throats, they’re more at our knees. You know, Britney’s been in the news lately and we both covered the same sort of territory. We cover celebrity landscapes there’s a huge difference. You know, and I’ll tell you because it’s really an interesting media story. The example is Britney talked to us — Britney talked to People magazine and she talked to me exclusively, we spent a lot of time together. She did not talk to Us. Their story doesn’t deliver what they promise and if you want another really good example, I asked her a couple weeks ago Us reported she was in a dance off at a club with Justin that made worldwide news. I asked Britney about that and she denied it ever happened. She said she’d never even been called to fact check that report. It is amazing to me that something like that happens. On the other hand we go to great lengths to fact check.” That he said was the reason she decided to talk with People, and not Us.

Justin Timberlake Getting More Airplay Than Nick Carter

August 22, 2002 – Contributed by YourMom: According to, Like I Love You is getting 6 times more spins (798) than Help Me (173). It’s also being played on 39 stations to Nick’s 11. And that was just the pop format. In the urban/crossover chart, Like I Love You is getting almost 300 spins per week.

Justin Timberlake Often ID’ed As Ryan Phillippe

August 22, 2002 – WENN reports Justin has been repeatedly mistaken for actor Ryan Phillippe, by his own admission. “I was walking in the airport and this girl comes running up and she says, ‘Oh my God! I know who you are!’ And I’m like, ‘Aww that so sweet.’ I’m expecting her to start singing,” the *NSYNC star explains. “And she goes, ‘Can I have your autograph? You’re that dude from Cruel Intentions.’ Later, I was getting something to eat and this woman asks, ‘Will you sign this for me?’ And it was a picture of Ryan!”

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3 thoughts on “Britney Says Justin Timberlake Dance-Off Never Happened

  1. britfan says:

    That’s why the US weekly always reports something about her to make her look bad. They probably bitter, because she didn’t do interview with them.

  2. pop_princess_sakura says:

    I don’t think that dance off ever happened between Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. Why would they have a dance off in the first place.

  3. Ghetto_chick03 says:

    Yeah, what kinda crap is a dance-off. But they didn’t say that the argument didn’t happen, so that part is true. Even if they would have had the dance off, Justin would have won. But the story sound fake from the get-go

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