Britney Spears A Basket Case After Breakup

Star magazine reports is a basket case following her breakup with *NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake. They report problems erupted after Britney accused Justin of flirting with a waitress. Britney had quickly left a party in Los Angeles after spending 30 minutes in the bathroom talking on the phone with Justin when he broke the news. An onlooker revealed, “I heard a friend who was with her say: ‘He’s not much of a man if he dumps you over the phone,’ and Britney burst into tears.”

Britney got an even ruder response after attempting to hit an after-show party in Los Angeles on March 11. Sources report Justin had banned Britney from an after-show party. A witness revealed, “Britney made her way backstage, but Justin’s bodyguards told her to back off. She was outraged.”

Pals say Timberlake was keen on starting a family with Spears, but her lofty ambitions got in the way. One said, “Britney was determined to succeed even if she has to leave everyone she loves in the dust – and that includes Justin. But since the split, the depth of her feelings for him have really hit home. It’s clear to everyone that she’s got to pull herself together or she might be headed for a breakdown.”

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One thought on “Britney Spears A Basket Case After Breakup

  1. EndIsNear says:

    What alternate universe is this?
    Because there are at least 10 different dimensions, in one Britney is in Europe booed by fans, in another she is treated like a queen in Tonga, in another Justin and Britney are in LA having a lot of sex and she’s pregnant and Justin is an alien.

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