Britney Spears, A Victim Of The Hounding Press? Think Again

Contributed anonymously:

is photographed wherever she goes. Candid photos pop up anywhere you look. Do you think that poor old Britney can’t step one foot into the daylight without being hounded by the money-hungry press? Do you think that even though poor Britters moved her wedding date up by months in a desperate attempt to fool the press, she still couldn’t escape their flashing lenses? If you do, then it’s time for a reality check.

Britney Spears seeks the never ending publicity she receives. It is no coincidence that the press pop up in the same places as she. As it has been admitted with Madonna, paparazzi receive a little tip off when Britney’s going out in public. Her career depends on it. Oh, and the secret wedding that was bombarded by the press? Don’t fool yourself into thinking that celebrities can’t have a private wedding if they wish. There are loads and loads of high-profile celebs that are able to have the intimate, private wedding of their dreams. Britney didn’t want that. She needed the photos to emerge. This was no coincidence. Britney was clearly behind the discovery of her tacky wedding.

She’s a publicity whore. Anybody who has seen the way she prances on the beach surrounded by cameras can see this.

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