Britney Spears Airbrushed Nude Guitar Auction

An eBay auction is featuring a brand new Fender Strat style full size electric guitar custom airbrushed with a nude of by one of New England’s leading airbrush artists and signed by the pop singer. It has been finished with a clear which will protect the artwork for a lifetime. It’s up for a minimum bid of $1,699. No word if Spears signed the guitar before or after it was airbrushed with her nude photo.

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11 thoughts on “Britney Spears Airbrushed Nude Guitar Auction

  1. hellahooked says:

    It looks pretty cool but it would be way better if it wasn’t nude, lol. I wouldn’t mind owning a guitar like that….if only, the airbrushed Britney was wearing a top.

  2. Shades says:

    I don’t think she would sign a nude guitar. I think the white part she signed was probably swapped.

  3. missprissoftheyear says:

    That is the ugliest thing I have ever seen. Well, besides Britney herself.

  4. alm81 says:

    I am an artist myself, and I can tell you that is a poor, poor likeness of Britney. I draw celebrities and I am not satisfied with my drawings until they look exactly like the person they are of. Also, I can’t imagine that her boobs actually look like that. LOL At any rate, making artwork of her without a top on is really, really unclassy if you ask me.

  5. fandango says:

    Please – that looks slightly like her, but I think he morphed in Pamela Anderson. Britney’s tits are NOT that big/full, or rounded. Hers would be sagging and pointing down. I think he’s going for the porn dream Britney. Although, being airbrushed into something she isn’t – is what Britney has been about for years.

  6. MyOpinionMatters says:

    LOL, it looks nothing like her. Hehe, I’m going to bid on it.

  7. SpiceSquirrel says:

    Ironically, that picture looks a hell of a lot more like Christina than Britney!

  8. Cabati says:

    0 bids. Go figure. 2 years ago she’d probably refuse to autograph it and have her spokesperson release a statement about how repulsed she is that someone would draw her nude. Now, well, you know how the story goes. Oh, and leave it to Britney to not catch the relevance of it being an airbrushed picture of her. Last but not least, there’s an awful lot of white around the corners of her mouth…I don’t think that’s a particularly highlighted area of the face, do you?

  9. Pheobe says:

    That doesn’t look anything like the “Queen of sluts”, Britney. At least the artist didn’t scare the hell of the everyone by doing the “Queen of WHORES”, Christina. There’s not enough room on that guitar for an accurate pic of Lil Miss Chrissy’s plastic boobs. You can drive a Buick thru her breasts they’re so far apart.

  10. divalamb says:

    That doesn’t look like her at all. Why doesn’t she just buy it herself. Nobody would want it but Kevin or herself.

  11. joey says:

    Don’t know if its appropriate for Britney Spears to be nude on a musical instrument since she can’t play any. Ha!

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