Britney Spears And Christina Aguilera – A Final Essay

Contributed by KissablePrincess:

I know that there has forever been a battle amongst fans between and Christina Aguilera. I am not one to write an essay on something like this and just give my opinions, because honestly who cares about my opinions? So I am sticking purely to the facts. I feel like a lot of people are coming down on Britney right now which I don’t think is fair I think that everyone should focus on the present and let her newest video be the judge of her. So as for all the rude post about her boyfriend, body, etc. please save those for someone who cares.

First I noticed a lot of people are talking about recording sales and there is confusion as to that. Here are the facts Britney has sold over 55 million totals so far. Christina has sold over 22 million totals so far. Now the second thing a lot of people argue over is talent, this is something that no matter how much anyone tries you can’t use as factor, simply because everyone has different taste.

Another thing is looks, I personally think that this is a shallow thing to dwell on when it comes to music but both of these artist have put themselves out there for more than ‘’talents’’ so they are set up to be critiqued. Britney has topped FHM’s 100 sexiest top 3 for the past three years. was no. 11 two years in a row on this list. This list is a list that you have to be male to vote on, you must register and everything. Last year OR SO Christina took top honors in topping the Maxim 100 list. This is a list that can simply be voted for by anyone all you have to do is visit the official website and this can be realized. Last year for people magazine’s most beautiful list Britney came in at 5 while Christina came in at 19. In the Ellegirl Sex Survey Britney came in at 1#, while Christina came in at 6# on the list of sexy women in the music business. (I am sticking to current list by the way) So yes the demographic public does believe that Britney is better looking. Once again I do not care who on this site cares about their looks so if you post about that or towards that I will NOT read it.

Lastly there is the whole endorsement copying thing. I am going to be straight forward. Sketchers, Versace`, and Soft Drinks Britney did first. But if Britney comes out and does cell phones Christina did that first. Lastly icon status weather anyone wants to pretend they do know or not, no one knows who is going to still be known in the next ten years, so get over it! Britney’s name will be known because she has a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. But whether people know who she is or not is unknown. Awards hate to say it VMAs, Grammys, etc. Britney fans, Christina fans, those don’t matter! Personally I would rather have 90,000 people vote for me because they like my name than to have 9 men in suites who don’t even get me decide for me. It is about the people so my advice to Britney Jeane Spears and Christina Maria Aguilera fans is to stop worrying about the one you do not like because that gives that person more attention and guarantees them around longer. So support your favorite and buy their albums!

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