Britney Spears And Madonna Kiss Top ‘Countdown’

Britney Spears’ kiss with at last week’s MTV Video Music Awards was atop ‘Countdown’ with Keith Olbermann on Thursday, a week after the actual kiss. Read on for a transcript from the segment on MSNBC that aired on Thursday.

OLBERMANN: And getting sucked into something might be the subtext
of the No. 1 story on tonight’s COUNTDOWN.

A week later and is finally starting to explain that kiss with Madonna, the one that put the Video Music Awards on the map. Yes, yes, it’s not the U.N. coming in on Iraq, but don’t lie to me. You have talked about it. Whether you were a willing consumer of the salaciousness or you were shaken to your core about the message it sent to teenage girls, you have talked about it.

Ms. Spears now says that that part of the performance was not planned, although she does admit it was the original material girl who put the idea in her head.


BRITNEY SPEARS, SINGER: Well, it was kind of like-well, of course, it was her idea. It was not my idea.


SPEARS: No. But she said-she threw it around a couple times in rehearsal that-she kind of said, do what you feel in the performance. Just go with it.


OLBERMANN: There’s something in your hair.

And what did her parents think of the public display of affection? It seems they made an exception for Madonna.


SPEARS: My mom liked it actually.


SPEARS: I was kind of nervous. I was like, oh my God, my mom, she is going to see this, and, oh. But no, she liked it. And my dad, weirdly enough, he thought it was fine, too. I mean, come on. It’s Madonna. If you can kiss any girl in the world.


OLBERMANN: Something in your hair.

Mrs. Spears said in another interview that she doesn’t plan on blessing any other divas with her lips any time soon, although, again, she would make an exception for Madonna.

Perhaps all this is explained by the news that Madonna had reportedly thanked her young victim-friend-by giving her a $10,000 diamond-encrusted necklace. And what did get out of all this, besides a possible cold sore? Zip.

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5 thoughts on “Britney Spears And Madonna Kiss Top ‘Countdown’

  1. jimmyp says:

    Olbermann is FUNNY… HAHAHA

  2. lancesdevil3 says:

    I am so sick of hearing about this stupid ass kiss god damn get over it its been a week and one day, and no one takes about Christina’s kiss.

  3. XtinaFan says:

    Mrs. Spears said in another interview that she doesn’t plan on blessing any other divas with her lips any time soon OUCH. CHRISTINA, YOU HAVE BEEN REJECTED. I guess your pin won’t be coming true. LESBIAN.

  4. jimmypee says:

    she’s such a stupid liar. a few days ago she was saying how they didn’t practice it at all. now she’s saying they did. she’s so *****ing fake its unbelievable

  5. XtinaFan says:

    LMFAO. jimmypieceofshi**, you’re so stupid that you can’t understand something so simple. on ET, they interviewed Britney backstage right after the performance, and she said they’ve been practicing for the past 2 weeks. so obviously it was a misunderstanding when she “said” she didn’t. She NEVER said they didn’t practice, she said they practiced in rehearsals with CLOSE-MOUTHED, and Madonna told her to do whatever she felt comfortable with when performing,and that’s why she did OPEN-MOUTHED at the performance. dumb*ss.

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