Britney Spears And Shakira Spark Bellydance Popularity

Dana Bisbee of the Boston Herald reports there is an explosion in the popularity of belly dancing thanks to the success of belly-baring Britney Spears and Shakira, amongst other pop stars. “MTV is responsible,” said Melinda Heywood, who teaches belly dance at Daughters of Rhea in Newton. “There’s a lot more interest in the dance, and it’s because of Shakira and Britney. College students come and say, ‘Can you make me dance like that?’ Later, they get beyond that and want to learn the art form.”

Dance Moves Are In Shakira’s Blood

June 11, 2002 – Gene Geter recently chatted with Shakira and asked the singer how she got her great body. Shakira admits, “I try to exercise, but I have been traveling so much for the promotion of this album. And the chocolate in Europe, well, I’ve never taken a dance lesson anywhere. It seemed to be something that just, my dance moves are in my blood.”

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One thought on “Britney Spears And Shakira Spark Bellydance Popularity

  1. Spicie says:

    Britney bellydances?….I think not. Some moves yes, but from what I hear she’s an 8th grade drop out. Does she know where it originated from?

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