Britney Spears Applauded For ‘Touch Of My Hand’

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Dell Williams, a leader in the women’s rights movement and founder of Eve’s Garden, the country’s first pleasure store for women, today announced that she applauds and her new song “Touch of My Hand,” an ode to masturbation. In recent interviews about the controversial song, Spears acknowledged that she masturbates and says it’s positive for women to indulge themselves sexually.

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10 thoughts on “Britney Spears Applauded For ‘Touch Of My Hand’

  1. getalifeyall says:

    I completely agree. Women should be able to experience the joys of sexuality without having to worry about STD’s or unwanted pregnancy. Masturbation is totally normal and not just for us guys. Thank you Britney for encouraging women to enjoy sexual pleasures without the assistance of a man and for providing a little light on a subject that shouldn’t be so taboo.

  2. Xtina-Dirty says:

    If it wasn’t Britney who recorded this awful and disgusting song you Britney fans would be like, ‘Yuck, this song is disgusting as Britney’s mother’. But since it was her, y’all praising the song as if it’s something sacred and you fans are like ‘I’ve gotta love this song no matter what and even if it is disgusting as Lynne Spears’ Bunch of hypocrites

  3. Brentwood_Babe says:

    While I’m not going to criticize the subject matter, as it shouldn’t be so taboo, I do feel that Britney did the song purely for the sake of controversy. It’s very attention getting and that’s her goal.

  4. tazzsgirl says:

    Next the entire Porno Industry is applauded Britney for the movies she will be doing.

  5. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    I heard this would be her second single. I knew this is going to happen because her album is flopping so badly on the charts, and Me Against The Music didn’t even reach the top 40. Um, Britney can you spell the word ‘desperate’?

  6. JMAX says:

    The next single is Toxic. And from what I heard, they have no plans of releasing TOMH’, ‘as a single.

  7. LifeOrSomethingLikeIt says:

    There are a few closet Britney fans here, too. So, anyone who is not a Britney fan is a foe?

  8. blondeambiti0n says:

    Is that all you Christina fans got?’ Is that Britney does everything for publicity, that her every move is for publicity? That’s so stupid. It’s funny….Maddy and Cyndi Lauper can make songs about masturbation and get no flack for it, but when Britney does it, it’s automatically for publicity. You losers need to get some new excuses and stop trying to make excuses for Britney. If you’re gonna say “Touch……” is for publicity, well Xtina’s “Dirrty” was most definitely for publicity.

  9. CARPEDIEM says:

    TOMH is a great song, one of my favorites on her album. I think it was tastefully done.

  10. outrageous4u says:

    all of you Britney haters are not bothersome simply because everyone can see how pathetic you guys are-u say you hate Britney and she is a fake, a loser, blah blah but you can’t quit discussing her so what does that make you?? it really is something to think about (if you can quit obsessing long enough) I , personally, have better things to do than stalk celebrities especially if I am not even a fan! SO sad!

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