Britney Spears Australian Dates – Some False Information

The Australian Dates that were posted before are false. I emailed the venues and the Sydney Entertainment Centre replied saying


There have been rumours about Britney Spears touring for the past few years now.

I can advise you that the SEC is contracted to the Rock Eisteddfod Grand Final on both of those dates and so there is no chance of her touring our venue on those dates.

Also, it is impossible for the production trucks to get from Adelaide to Perth in 1 day to facilitate back to back shows in Adelaide and Perth and she would be the only artist on earth prepared to play 6 shows in 6 nights in 5 cities, so I would very strongly doubt the authenticity the info and put it down to wishful thinking – and believe me the venues would love her to come out as she would sell well.

Kind regards … Tim Worton”

I will keep you updated as I will contact promoters and other venues tomorrow.

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