Britney Spears’ Australian Tour Dates

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Hi, my names Ben and my dad works for Ticketek Australia and the other day he brought home a pile of papers with info all on it. I asked him what it was all for and he told me that they are currently working on all the final work for Britney’s Australian Onyx Hotel Tour. I was pretty excited as I have heard Britney puts on the best concerts ever. Anyway I kept looking through all the papers and I saw that she is visiting not just the big cities in Australia, but many smaller ones which I personally think is fantastic because normally when such a big artist comes here they only visit the three main cities. Anyway I have loads of info that I wish I could tell you, but I cant for business reasons (sorry). But let me just tell you that the guest performer is a good one and read on for the latest info on dates times and cost all in AUD.

Britney Spears Onyx Hotel Australian Tour,

Tickets on sale through Ticketek:TBA
Brisbane Entertainment Centre:September 9th
Sydney Entertainment Centre:September 10th, 11th 8pm
Melbourne Rod Laver Arena:September 12th 8pm
Adelaide Entertainment Centre:September 13th 8pm
Perth Burswood Dome:September 15th 8pm
Then she flies back to the Gold Coast for a 3 night stay and flys back to L.A. 18th September at 7:40pm

All this information is subject to change but is current now

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21 thoughts on “Britney Spears’ Australian Tour Dates

  1. jen says:

    This is awesome, I am so glad you posted the dates it can give me and my sister time to save some money, I am so glad she is tour here, I have never seen her

  2. popdirt says:

    2004 tour Jen… already happened.

  3. tiff says:

    oh so that was the 2004 tour??

  4. tiff says:

    oh lol dammit

  5. annonymus says:

    Um if anyone knows about the 2009 concert I would like to know because that ones already passed! Please let me know as soon as possible!

  6. meeesa says:

    Oh very exciting indeed

  7. N says:

    hey when do tickets go on sale?

  8. Erin. says:

    Mmmk SWEET!. So when ill the tour dates be an exact.
    So I can book tickets.

  9. Carissa says:

    This is a bunch of crap! This tour was years ago. The current tour is called the Circus tour. “Ben” is full of it.

  10. Donna Fb Group Britney spears Australia whens shes coming says:

    B105 has announced September this year so fingers crossed. I have started a group on Facebook to keep people up to date.


  11. andy says:


  12. MzAnonymuz says:

    No one has read it 2004 Carissa if did read all the info! I really wish I didn’t find this site I could so excited she has never been to Australia and I thought it was real =[

  13. Kim!!! says:

    ARGH…… I’m so excited…. I’ve waited for this my whole life!! SHE’S MY IDOL!!!!!!! xoxxxx

  14. Kim!!! says:

    hey Luc how is you? I LOVE BLAKEY WAKEY!! xoxoxo

  15. LuC says:

    hey Kym..
    OMG its Britney WOO
    we are so going okay?
    I no you love Blake :)
    I love JOSH … FOREVER
    XX XX <3

  16. LuC says:

    ”no personal attacks against other posters ”
    YES… Kym make sure you read that one..
    especially if atrisha hops on here
    LMAO love you

  17. nerissa says:

    Britney is the best!!
    and her tour is gonna be awesome!
    Kym and Luc you girls are awesome,
    Can we be friends?

  18. brie and bianca says:

    Who is touring with Britney Spears?

  19. Blake says:

    I got so exited I love Britney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Though if hes lying!
    I’m only 11 but I know Britney the best!!!!!!!!!
    Cant wait for you to come Brit!!!!!!!!

  20. Blake says:

    You serious the stupid liar!
    Band him!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That’s just so mean!!!!!!!!!
    =( =( =(!!!!!!!
    silly boy getting my hopes up!!!!!!!
    Band him!!!!!!!!
    if your with me say on a comment with ya!

  21. OneClickOne says:


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