Britney Spears Beneath Belting Peers

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I don’t have many talents, but I used to hold what I considered to be the most prestigious title as “’ biggest fan.” After watching Destiny’s Child star Beyonce Knowles deliver a breathe-taking, if cheesy, performance at this year’s Grammy’s and hearing Christina Aguilera bring down the house at the NBA All-Star Game with her raspy, pyrotechnic pipes, I reconsidered by idol-worshipping options for the first time in 5-6 years.

I remember a time when Britney completely upstaged every performer, at every award show, whether she sung live or not. However, when I watched the 5 star talents at the 2004 Grammy Awards, I could not help but wonder where Britney could fit in with her peers. I mean what with all the cheerleader dancing and lip-synching. It is painfully apparent that, over the years, Christina and Beyonce have made tremendous performing progress, while Britney has remained shamefully constant and unadvanced. Britney’s performances were amazing years ago because the other girls just couldn’t touch her, but my my my the times are a changing.

Don’t get me wrong, I still believe Britney can own the stage. I have heard her sing (very well) live and she is irresistible eye candy if ever a visual charmer was ever created. But, it is high time for her to step it up a notch. Aguilera has graduated into a class of top tier vocalists, Beyonce is quickly becoming the world’s greatest sexy soul diva and even Mandy Moore got raves for her latest album.

Britney is the most compelling and exciting entertainer of them all. Even so, her prancing and high-kicking around the stage, like she is somehow too good to actually sing, is a direct insult to those of us who vigorously support her. Britney is the Queen of pop music right now, and I say that as a true pop singing spectator/lover- not as a Britney fan. Unfortunately, stubborn popularity (attributed to her by stubborn fans) is the only quality she recently seems to possess that shows she is at all deserving of such a title.

Britney is the one who started this whole sexy-megastar-diva thing years ago. She was the innovator, the trendsetter, the standard. She was the charioteer, and I think it is high time she constructed a plan to grab the reins back of the pop machine she invented.

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