Britney Spears Blasts Rolling Stone Interviewer

MTV News caught up with and asked the singer about her recent magazine photo layouts that have seen her shed most of her clothing. “As far as photo shoots go, W, Rolling Stone, whatever, the pictures are really sexy, but actually, when I did the photo shoots, I was sometimes in ball gowns and nice dresses, and of course they used the pictures where I’m half nude,” Spears explained. “The one [on the cover of Rolling Stone], that was my first time ever to be on the cover of a magazine and not have my top on. People like the pictures, I like the pictures, but I hate the interview. [Writer Mark Binelli] was so rude, I almost got up and left. He made me come across in such a horrible light. You suck, reporter!” Read more.

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11 thoughts on “Britney Spears Blasts Rolling Stone Interviewer

  1. clayfan says:

    Please, go away, Britney. There’s a glittering pole in some cheesy club somewhere with your name on it.

  2. jimmyp says:

    It was an odd interview, I have to agree with Britney on that. How he wrote it, it seemed like Britney just rolled out of bed or something. Jenny Eliscu does the best interviews for Rolling Stone.

  3. jimmypee says:

    LMFAO!!! here come the excuses for the slutty pictures and the dumbass interviews. sorry Britney, if you didn’t want the half nude pictures you shouldn’t have done them. but of course you DID want them. only now after you’ve seen everyone comment on how pathetic you are are saying you DIDN’T want them. and she didn’t come across any worse than normal. she’s just an idiot. he just didn’t sugar coat her idiocy. what an idiot. this is why she will never be a Christina or a Madonna. always being an idiot then making excuses.

  4. clayfan says:

    The most hilariously ridiculous thing in the world is how Britney thinks she can convince us that she is a “songwriter.” Ha!! No way. She’s a dancer. She’s not a songwriter, and she’s not a singer. She’s a dancer.

  5. HoneyRain says:

    don’t apologize Britney cause you don’t have a reason to.. you’re better than me cause I would have had a thing or two.. or three or four to say to him to his face.. interviewers (most) are just cruel like that.. they only care about making a buck, no matter how much it damages your image.

    Christina could wear a turtle neck and jeans and she’d STILL sell records and she’d STILL be here cause SHE is what you called a TALENTED MUSICIAN! she has that undeniable voice.. have you even listened to “Stripped”? nope.. I didn’t think so cause if you did.. you’d know that she is SO FAR BEYOND sex.. there are only 2 out of 16 tracks that even mention sex.. stop b!tching and get over that video Dirrty.. it was SO a year ago!and if you’re so into rock music.. and by the way I do know rock music.. why in the hell are you wasting your time on now THAT is moronic!

  6. rachel says:

    muhahahaa!!!!!!!!!!!!, Mark Binelli is my dad!!!!! He hates the biatch more than I do, too bad he was stuck with her for several hours. Rolling stone is very smart and Britney is not, how are you going to be on a cover with a ball gown , when the other pop princess was naked. They want to sell and they realized Christina cover sold a lot so of course they are going to trick this dumb woman in posing almost naked again. They did it in 1998 with the controversial pre teen porn cover and oops they tricked Britney again!!!!!!!!! Seriously if you think about it Rolling stone made her career what it is, because without those pre teen porn pictures she wouldn’t have become popular.

  7. IamARevenant says:

    Christina Fans, Stop acting like you’re better than Britney fans because your not. Coming from someone who is completely unbiased because I’m not a fan of either Britney or Christina, I can say that neither of them are great. Christina and Britney are on the same level, Christina has a better voice, but Britney is a better dancer, they kinda even each other out, because their entertainers, not musicians.They both make horrible music and neither one is a songwriter (I know Christina and Britney have CO-written songs, but co-writing doesn’t make you a songwriter.). Both sell sex, and both aren’t very smart. They didn’t do anything to get where they are except singing other people’s songs at talent shows and on the Mickey Mouse Club.

    They’re still here because they use their bodies for people’s attention. And there are artists who write EVERY one of their songs, The Distillers, AFI etc, and before you go ‘who are they?’ they are what people like to call TALENTED MUSICIANS who write and play their own MUSIC. There are so many talented bands who aren’t getting the attention the deserve because Christina Aguilera is on TV dry humping a boy in her video. However, AFI so deservingly won the VMA’s MTV2 award.

  8. DeStijl says:

    She’s just mad because he did give her what she wanted. My father is a journalist, I was a journalism major until I switched to Art History and I know most journalists only print what you give them. Britney may have not thought her comments sounded that bad but in print it comes across another way. She can’t deny what she said because she said it. I read the article because I keep waiting for her to redeem herself but she never does. She sounded highly uneducated, self-absorbed and lacked tact. If she’s going to stay in this business she’s going to have to learn how to deal with journalists. She needs to grow up.
    As for her photo spreads, The New York Times did show her in the “ballgowns”. Ellen von Unwerth’s portfolio showed them all. And she should know better than to assume that Rolling Stone would feature such pictures. I highly doubt she took any pictures with ball gowns in W or Maxim. I mean it’s Maxim, wtf do you expect?

  9. babet says:

    “you suck reporter”??? wow…..Britney sure is immature about this. is she just upset that the reporter laid out the truth about Britney and how he saw her????? maybe he was sick of people making her look like a goody goody so that he finally wanted to show people how Britney was really like…….in person. so basically she wanted the interviewer to follow her path and lie to make her look good. she’s a publicity whore….why can’t she admit it.

  10. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    He made her look bad? I DON’T THINK SO! The only one who makes Britney look bad is Britney! I’m sure he didn’t go back and sugar coat everything she said and ad a tweak or two here and here to make her sound semi educated! She’s a self absorbed ignorant fool, and that’s how she came across! Rolling Stone doesn’t print trash….they print what is said, what is done, how it comes across, how the PERSON comes across in the interview…. Rolling Stone Magazine isn’t smut…she can’t use this excuse here, I’m sorry! And as for the other stuff she said about posing nude….nobody forced her to take her clothes off…. And when you have the sex symbol nude vs. the sex symbol in evening gowns and such…..something tells me they’re gonna use the nude pics…after all, it’s the LATEST thing she’s done! Thank GOD she’s getting all these blows out of the way before she turns 22, cause I don’t think she’ll be around long enough for us to see her turn 23…by then, she’ll be a has been.

  11. musikluver says:

    Still much better than reading Christina’s articles.. all she talks about is how many guys and girls she has sex with and trying to convince everybody that she’s not a slut.. and I kissed Madonna too.. I’m not getting attention .. whine whine whine.. knowing Christina’s way of thinking and how she really is explains the kinda fans she has.. like peewee and xtina-dirrty.. you’re all the same … you just want attention just like Christina, so you will say and do anything to get it just like she will… you are all so pathetic… Britney is lucky she don’t have fans like you.. that would be very embarrassing.. she doesn’t need you anyways,,, unlike Christina.

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