Britney Spears Came, She Saw, She Failed

Contributed Anonymously:

Well seems to be a big topic for discussion (as is Christina Aguilera but this is not concerning her as she is quite easy to peg and it is easy to understand why people like her or don’t like her; she is a singer. That’s that.) As for Britney, her fans seem to be slightly insane. They go crazy at any unflattering mention of her, they seem the frightening stalker types and you have to think that maybe it’s because they have built her up so much in their minds, and perhaps it’s coming clear to them that there is not much there. Yes she has made it as a pop act. Well that is not the hardest thing in the world to do, and I’m not quite sure what you give her credit for. She did not write her songs (you know the ones that made her famous), she did not create her image, she did not get her name out there (her management did), and she has fallen into every pitfall that fame has to offer.

Britney wanted to stay up there after her original debut; so she took her clothes off and proclaimed that she was growing up. Maybe someone should tell her that growing up is not stripping, but gaining the knowledge that you should not have to strip to keep your fans entertained, and if you do then maybe you are in the wrong line of work. She then proceeded to drink too much, smoke too much, have a quickie marriage in Vegas, kiss Madonna, and all the while throwing away more and more clothes. We all know that it is not difficult to be a pop star, so lets take a look at what happened when Miss Spears decided to see if she had talent.

Nyla: Britney’s restaurant in New York, that the critics hated (nothing new for Britney there of course), that the eaters hated, and that eventually New York hated, they went bankrupt less than a year later. Damn.

Crossroads – Well this flop was not entirely Britney’s fault, she was a horrible actress, laughable actually, but the movie itself had no plot, no humor, no drama, no nothing. But then again isn’t part of being an actress knowing the roles you choose? Any idiot could have seen where this movie was going. Down in flames.

Singing – yeah she has actually tried that too, occasionally she breaks from the lip-synching and sings, to which most cringe, the reviewers run with their hands covering their ears and the Grammy board gets convenient amnesia whenever Britney’s name is brought up.

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