Britney Spears’ Career Isn’t In Trouble

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I could not help but to laugh out loud whilst reading a rather pathetic essay about how Britney Spears’ career is over, JUST BECAUSE OF ONE MUSIC VIDEO! The article was written by a misguided Christina Aguilera fan, well, if you want to talk about bad videos, let’s talk about Carwash, one of the cheesiest, humiliating and embarrassing pop videos of the 00’s. The video is quite frankly horrifically bad. Singing fishes? WHAT? Hardly imaginative and creative. And all Christina is doing is shouting into a microphone. Wow. How fascinating. Ends sarcasm.

Britney Spears’ Do Something video blows Carwash and the mega flop Tilt Your Head Back videos out of the water. The majority of Britney fans ( which, believe me are many) love this video. Just go to, and you will see for yourselves. Britney Spears’ career is not in any trouble, sorry to burst you Christina Aguilera fans bubble. Christina’s career is in trouble. Her forth coming album has virtually no anticipation. Go to her once very active forums like, where there used to be over 200 members logged on at once everyday. Now its just 30. Her unattractive looks are turning away buyers. Just look at Carwash, it hasn’t even sold up to 1 million world wide, unlike My Prerogative, which has hit the one million mark according to sales web site Tilt Your Head Back was a catastrophe. Notice how Christina Aguilera’s career is failing after the Stripped era, I do not need to tell you about her failures because it has already been pointed out by MANY people. Oh, and for your information, with only ONE song, Britney Spears’ greatest hits album has been certified 2x platinum in the UK, in just 9 weeks. This means she has sales of over 600k. Hardly a failure. Britney Spears greatest hits album is wildly successful, whether you like it or not. You can insult the Do Something video as much as you like, but that will not prevent this song from becoming another future world wide hit for Britney. And whilst this song will be a hit and Britney’s Greatest hits album will be selling its millions, Christina Aguilera’s album will be flopping. Her universal appeal has VANISHED. I mean, she has experienced two of the biggest flops at a very crucial time in her career.

Oh, and for those who think ( or just wish) that Britney’s looks are gone, obviously you shouldn’t even be judging this video because you must be BLIND! Have you seen Christina Aguilera lately? Even with a lot of make up on she still looks like hell. How many polls has she topped lately? Nill. Britney has topped many polls in 2004. When Christina Aguilera releases her bound to be a flop album this year, this will prove that Britney Spears is still the #1 pop princess, because right now, in terms of popularity and success, Britney Spears is KILLING Christina.

RIP Christina: 1999- 05

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One thought on “Britney Spears’ Career Isn’t In Trouble

  1. Kiiddy says:

    I LOVE IT !

    It’s so the truth! Britney is a POP LEGEND !

    Christina. . . where is she?

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