Britney Spears’ Charity: She’s Not The Only One

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As many of you fans know takes part in charities by donating thousands and thousands of dollars which is great! And it’s nice that we have been getting a few articles lately talking about it. But this is what’s making me annoyed, why do some of you people act as if Britney is the only one that’s donating money? Why do you brag about it so much? Why do you assume that if nobody is bragging about being part of a charity that it means that nobody but Britney is showing that she cares? This is what I say: BS. Because look, we know that Britney takes part in charities, but you don’t need to act like she’s the ONLY celebrity out there that takes part in charities. Look at Angelina Jolie, she takes part in charities, and guess what, she not only cashes in the dough, but she actually GOES OUT there to meet the children, takes her time of day when she’s not making movies to actually make a difference in other ways besides cashing in the check. Do you hear people bragging about it? No, because what she does shows for itself.

If you are part of a charity, you don’t need to shout to the whole world “HEY, LOOK, I MAY BE RICH AND FAMOUS, BUT IM GOING TO DONATE MONEY TO A CHARITY, YAY!!” And you don’t need to act as if Britney donating $50,000 means that she cares more about the cause next to the measly $10 that an average person may give to a charity. That’s the thing I don’t understand, do some of you people (the fans) care more about how much money she’s donating and how it makes her LOOK like she’s out there for a good cause, or do you care about what she’s actually doing for the charity other than cashing in thousands of dollars?

I am not saying Britney needs to change the world, but look, thousands of people volunteer and take part in charities, celebrities and non celebrities. The reason why you don’t hear people brag about it is because they aren’t trying to get attention for it, or trying to desperately show that they care. If you care, it shows by what you do, not how much money you put into it. All in all, being part of a charity for some people is actually a personal and humble thing, and regardless if you cash in $50,000 or just $5, it makes a big difference.

So my point is: Yes, Britney is doing charities, that is great, but if you are going to brag more about how much money she’s donating, act like she’s the only one donating while thousands of other celebs and non celebs are, and degrade other people just because they aren’t cashing in as much as Britney, then don’t expect people to take you or Britney seriously, and give her credit when credit is due.

And I know some of you hardcore Britney fans are going to take this as a bash and completely overlook my point, since some of you apparently don’t ever listen and take every negative thing about Britney so personally, but hey, if you are going to argue and take my article the wrong way, well, I rest my case.

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7 thoughts on “Britney Spears’ Charity: She’s Not The Only One

  1. EdwardAlex says:

    um ok? great I guess? why don’t you put your name on it next time

  2. jazzprofounder says:

    Um, I feel as if you are repeating everything that me and other people have said before, but yeah, I agree with you 100%.

  3. EveryoneSucks says:

    i agree 100000000%, but was it worth writing an essay that WASN’T Brit vs. Chris and/or Mariah vs. J.Lo?? remember those? well I don’t. and that made no sense whatsoever.

  4. estephania says:

    of course Brit is not the only one to donate money, we all know that, shut up already. Don’t you have anything better to do with your time? I hate these stupid essays

  5. CharlotteNCusa says:

    They indicate that Michael Jackson has the all time record for dollars given to charities by a pop star. Regardless, I congratulate Britney and all the other artist for donating to charities. It’s the right thing to do once you surpass being a millionaire! I mean really, what is someone to do with so much money.

  6. iammaryfunny says:

    are you *****in serious? u seriously sat there and wrote all of that? u reeeeeeally need a life honey! I’m worried about u. u people try to make britneys positives into negatives and its insane. I’m not britneys biggest fan but that is the dumbest thing I have ever read. ur so *****in dumb its sick. its charity!! it doesn’t matter how much she donates its the fact that shes generous and she amount shouldn’t be compared to anybody. popdirt is a piece of crap for letting this article make the page.

  7. bailey says:

    ok really nobody is saying anything so shut up everyone it doesn’t matter why do yoou care so much let her live her life and you live yours just stop getting in her life and mybe she doesn’t want to go she the kids that are sick because well maybe she can’t handle that and that’s not a problem so let her just keep giveing money and stop talking about it like it is a bad think… I think all of you just need to grow up!!!!!

    oh and one more thing I am not a hard core Britney fan I am just a person and yes I read everyones and yes I did think about waht you wrote and I think it is wrong so you know what stop being bored with your own dumb lifes and get one cux it seems to me all you guys like to do is talk bad about people god!!!!

    oh ya and one more thing it is her money she doesn’t even have to give any of it away but she does so ya just shut up and let her live her life ok!!!!

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