Britney Spears Chats With Kyle And Jackie O

recently connected via satellite with Kyle and Jackie O in Australia. They talked about her troubles going out in public with everyone staring, how she likes to walk around the house naked even from her childhood days — but her family aren’t nudists, and they laughed about a Britney doll the DJs had. As for her favorite places to visit, she listed Australia, Spain, and Chicago. Britney said her neighbor in Los Angeles, who lives right up the hill, is Angelina Jolie. That make them talk about Jolie’s “sex dungeon”, but Britney dismissed that as tabloid gossip. Britney then talked about her ‘Toxic’ video, her white teeth, getting a new car every six months for free, who she still sees from her Mickey Mouse Club days, and another untrue rumor about wrecking a Ferrari. The two part interview has since been removed from

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