Britney Spears Chews Out Sam Over The Phone In Restroom

was spotted with her female friend visiting a gas station restroom on Saturday (December 22). The pesky paparazzi camped outside the bathroom and overheard the singer on her cell phone calling Sam – presumably Sam Lufti.

Among the decipherable comments: “Sam! Sam! I just called you earlier and [crosstalk] studio today. And you’re telling me no. Hello! Did you not hear what I just freakin said?! You’re not saying anything. Why aren’t you saying anything? [Crosstalk] records. You’re not listening to me! I said I want that studio. Hello? Hello? Is this the same person? Hello? Hello, who is this? This is not Sam! Are you at fu**in Conway Studios [a recording studio in Hollywood]? No you’re not. We’re not even there, [crosstalk] think you’re not. You think you know me? I don’t think so.”

Britney and her friend then emerged. While attempting to get out, the paparazzi were like a bull in china shop while the inside the store, knocking things over and acting obnoxious as usual.

Watch footage via YouTube below.

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