Britney Spears & Christina Aguilera Are Both Doing Well

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Firstly I want to say that I see both these women as completely different artists and I am a fan of both. Yes its possible. Both and are successful. Both of them are going to be around for a while. DEAL WITH IT.

Britney Spears career is nowhere near over. No her last albums haven’t been as successful as her first, but they certainly haven’t flopped. They’ve all done incredibly well. My Prerogative has been a huge hit all over the world. For all you people who say she can’t sing, watch some American Idol auditions and then try saying she can’t hold a note. No she’s not an Aretha Franklin, but she has a good voice. She is a wonderful performer and can really put on a show. She still has a huge fan base and is holding her position as one of the biggest music stars today.

is one of the most successful singers today. She has a beautiful and even those who don’t like her have to admit she can really sing. Stripped did great. Her two latest singles have done well too. Maybe not in America, but so what its only one place. Both singles debuted in the Top 5 in more than 10 countries. That’s good, especially as were gearing up for Christmas. Car Wash has done extremely well considering it’s a song from a kids animated movie. And how can you say that her new look 20s and 30s style is a flop. Neither Car Wash Or TYHB have any musical influence from that era. And by the way people do want to hear music from that time. Joss Stone, Michael Buble and Jamie Cullum are all superstars. Maybe they’re not your taste but not everyone likes pop.

Britney and Christina are arguably the biggest names in pop today. To all you people who say there over, if they really were you wouldn’t be talking about them. They are totally different artists who can’t be compared to each other or anyone else.

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