Britney Spears & Christina Aguilera Updated U.S. Sales Totals

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After years of duking it on the charts, and have something to show for it. Britney has sold over 29.5 million copies of her first four albums and over 6.7 million singles. Also DVD totals for Britney bring her to 21.4 million for the 5 DVD’s she has released since 1999. Her next DVD, ‘Britney Live in Miami,” hits stores this July. (Christina’s totals are below).

Britney totals:

Album: ‘…Baby One More Time’
Sales: 13,200,000 copies (since January 1999)
Certified: 13x platinum

Album: ‘Oops I Did It Again’
Sales: 9,300,000 (since May 2000)
Certified: 9x platinum

Album: ‘Britney;
Sales: 4,350,000 (Since November 2001)
Certified: 4x platinum

Album: ‘In the Zone’
Sales: 2,629,000 (Since November 2003)
Certified: 2x platinum

Christina has released five albums since 1999, including one that wasn’t exactly approved by her, she has sold a total of 14.92 million copies of her albums and over 7.3 million singles. Also for her two DVD releases, Christina has sold 5.8 million copies of both combined. Her next DVD release, “Stripped Live in the UK,” is supposed to be released sometime this fall.

Christina totals:

Album: ‘Christina Aguilera’
Sales: 8,100,000 (since August 1999)
Certified: 8x platinum

Album: ‘Mi Reflejo’
Sales: 1,700,000 (Since 2000)
Certified: 1x platinum

Album: ‘My Kind of Christmas’
Sales: 1,450,000 (Since October 2000)
Certified: 1x platinum

Album: ‘Just Be Free’
Sales: 55,000 (Since August 2001)
Certified: None

Album: ‘Stripped’
Sales: 3,620,000 (Since October 2002)
Certified: 3x platinum

Now it’s obvious Britney has the sales leader, but Christina has very respectable sales. Not only does Christina have the higher single sales, but she has a wide variety of albums which all seem to have done well, except for the demo album, ‘Just Be Free.’ Britney seems to be the big leader in DVD sales, thanks much to her music videos and her concerts. In the end both girls have their weak and strong points and I hope for their continued success.

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26 thoughts on “Britney Spears & Christina Aguilera Updated U.S. Sales Totals

  1. David says:

    are these sales in the U.S. or international. Because Britney’s sales are in the 88 million worldwide stage. check that!

  2. Angelina says:

    Lol…I 2nd what David said…’s closer to 83 Million, but yeah…

  3. Gandhi says:

    You two people are foolish!Did you read the title,it was the record sales in US only.I admit the fact that Britney is sell more albums than Christina.Britney has sold 83 millions copies while Christina has sold over 42 millions copies (excluded the single sales).But the fact that Christina is sell more singles than Britney is undeniable.

  4. johnny says:

    Christina Aguilera is a better singer, because of her talent and great voice.

    you can’t compare “oops I did it again” with “mi Reflejo”
    Christina’s album was for a different demographic audience such as Latin so sales wouldn’t be so high as if an album for a wider range of audience, in English distributed world wide.

    second, can’t compare the album “Britney” with “my kind of Christmas” again it was meant for a different purpose, it was meant for a high quality and grown up listeners demographic and a season, not teenagers who wouldn’t appreciate art, lyrics or the simple enjoyment of Christina’s voice.

    Now lets see what happen with “in the Zone” and “stripped” two album’s relatively the same, as for the same demographic audience “teens” and on “20’s and 30’s”. stripped with best lyrics and vocals, top all charts and won awards.

    so, don’t get confuse to which one is better, definitely Christina Aguilera is a better artist, who knows what she is after and displays more talent, art and entertainment to different audience.


  5. eddie says:

    Christina is pretty good, I’m not going to lie. but lets face it, Britney is a singer that really knows how to make music that blows away all the other “songs” she is very talented, so over all singer she is the number one. no one will ever replace her. & as for xtina. she is ok but spears will always be better!

  6. WibByson says:

    1.Christina Aguilera,
    total 17million copies ww
    2.Mi Reflejo,
    total 4million copies ww
    3.My Kind of Christmas,
    total 3,5million copies worldwide
    4.Just Be Free,
    total 1million copies worldwide
    total 13million copies worldwide
    6.Back To Basics,
    total 4,5million copies worldwide
    7.Keeps Gettin’ Better: A Decade Of Hits,
    total 750.000+ copies worldwide
    TOTAL:43,75 million copies worldwide
    source:wikipedia and google…

  7. WibByson says:

    Britney’s album sales is way better. But for me, Christina was the best singer in this world 4eva.her voice is incredibly amazing,her face&body so fabulous, her music always change every album from pop, pop dance, ballad, Latin, blues, R&B, hiphop, jazz, swing, soul, rock, electro! All music is good for her. Can’t wait her 4th album, would be better I wish.and I disappointed because her best of album only 3/4 million copies worldwide. That album so amazing. Maybe because she only release KGB as single. I wish ‘a-lot’ dynamite be a single+video clip, or maybe Genie 2.0. I don’t really like you are what you are.. Weird.. Good luck Christina! For other Christina’s fans, email me please.. I also love Hilary Duff, Ashley Tisdale, Jesse Mac, JoBros, McFLY, HSM, Belinda Peregrìn! toodles!

  8. Julie says:

    I think Christina had better singles sales bc everyone already has the Britney CD so why would they buy the single? Both are good but Britney’s CDs are just better. You can listen to any of her albums the whole way thru without skipping a song. I have Stripped & Back to Basics and while I also love those 2 CDs there are a lot of songs that I skip over. I think that’s why Britney sells more than Christina-bc her CDs are just better. It’s not a diss to Christina though because she’s good too. But Britney’s the best!

  9. Abby says:

    Britney Def won. Christina has 6 albums out:
    Christina Aguilera
    Back to Basics
    Mi Reflejo
    My Kind of Christmas
    Keeps Gettin’ Better – A Decade of Hits

    I know that 3 of those albums aren’t for mainstream purposes but if she was so popular and if there was such of a demand for her, wouldn’t she have more albums out? There’s always been a high demand for Britney albums. People just like her better. The fact that she only has 3 studio albums out is pathetic. And her albums sales for those 3 albums cannot even compare to Britney’s first 2 albums. …Baby One More Time has sold over 25 million albums and Oops..I did It Again has sold over 20 million albums. That’s already more than Christina’s combined sales of all 6 of her albums! There’s no reason Christina’s first 3 albums didn’t sell like Britney’s did, considering the fact that, it’s all the fans have! If Christina was so popular, wouldn’t there be a higher demand for new music on a yearly basis? Why does she wait 3-4 years between releasing a new album? There’s no demand! Britney didn’t release a CD for 3 years so we call that a comeback. Why? Because people want Britney! Nobody’s looking for Christina anywhere! So what if she releases a CD every 3-4 years? Who cares?? But Britney! We need her! Also, Christina only has 2 more #1’s than Britney because nobody could stand to listen through an entire Christina CD. They just buy the single if it’s good. Why would you buy a CD if there’s 1 good track on it?? She hasn’t had a #1 since 2001, and it wasn’t even on her CD! It was on a soundtrack and she wasn’t even singing in the whole song (Lady Marmalade). Britney’s previous #1 was in October of 2008. Why wasn’t keeps getting better #1? It came out before any sight of Britney! There’s no competition people. Christina needs to be compared to people like Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers in terms of Album sales. As it is, Miley has sold about 15 million albums-a 3rd of what Christina has sold. And that’s good considering the fact that she’s catering to kids 3-13 and some creepy adults and she’s only been around for 3 years. I don’t care that Christina has a big voice in the likes of Mariah or Whitney (of the past). A big voice doesn’t equate to good songs. I have all of Britney’s songs and out of all of her 6 studio albums, there’s about 10 songs I can’t stand to ever listen to. And that’s terrific considering the fact that she has over 100 released songs and hundreds of unreleased songs. I only have about 7 Christina songs on my .mp3 player because that’s all I thought that were good. Christina needs to be a hooker because that’s what she could do best.

  10. arlene mccombe says:

    I can’t believe people are even putting Britney Spears in the same sentence as the amazing Christina!For a start Britney has NEVER sang live in concert in her life,she mimes ALL the time!!!Ive seen Christina twice in concert and she’s just amazing!!!her songs are way more mature than Britney’s! Britney is probably one of the worst role models for kids ever!!!At least Christina got married and then had her child! She’s a brilliant singer and all rounder…BRITNEY SUCKS!!!

  11. JT says:

    Everyone knows Christina has the better voice while Britney is the better entertainer. Now, does anyone have the numbers for Miley’s sales?

  12. amazing mimi says:

    Ok, this is to Abby. I want to address the moronic, hypocritical statement that she used to defend Sh**ney Spears:’Christina needs to be a hooker because that’s what she could do best’. How could anybody think that Christina Aguilera is a slut but not think that Britney is one? while Christina expresses her sexuality, Britney relies on sex to sell her stuff. The reason why Britney sells more is because of the way she sells sex. Playing the erotic, sexed-up, bubble-headed, sugar-coated ‘virgin’ is a big part of how she got so popular in the first place.

  13. amazing mimi says:

    At least Christina didn’t pretend to be something that she was not by playing the ‘I’m a virgin’ card. Britney, meanwhile, lied about waiting until she was married to have sex but really lost her virginity when she was 14 to an 18 year old guy. The problem is not the fact that she wasn’t a virgin- because when a person chooses to have sex is their personal choice. The problem is that she lied about it to sale her products.

  14. amazing mimi says:

    Christina Aguilera is a better role model because of her confidence, her honesty, and how she defends a woman’s right to control her own sexuality. Britney just goes for what sells. Britney is the one who has gone around flashing her privates, shaving her head, being naked in a music video, neglecting her kids, getting drunk and high, hooking up with lots of guys, making a song about being someone’s sex slave, and making a song about a 3-some.

  15. amazing mimi says:

    And you’re calling Christina the hooker? Christina is an amazing songstress and a versatile artist. Britney lip syncs, sounds pathetic because she can’t sing, and her live performances aren’t what they used to be. She’s the one who should leave music and go be a stripper. Lady Gaga is replacing Britney.

  16. Angelina says:

    Lol at some people’s replies… Billboards decade-end list came out and guess who the best selling female is since January of 2000? Britney

  17. Tom says:

    You all say Britney Spears wan not a good role model ….
    She what everyone was crazy for way back, which is why she made her success. I mean she can’t just stick to looking like a childish teenager, she needs some changes … being provocative and sexy …. we’ve seen how she’s changed in every album she releases …
    shes been through alot, say her days when it was her downfall, but look at her now … she tries her best and the woman’s been doing good lately …. from her tour and recent albums

    trashy outfits, swallowing the rosary, going around performing half naked, soft porn music videos, sex, death, violent scenes from her music videos, issues on drugs/caffeine? …..

    now that’s what I call a BAD INFLUENCE
    do you think children would appreciate this?
    at least Britney started out with BabyOneMoreTime
    with nothing more but the teen tween princess she was.
    its better I guess to shave your head instead than do all of what Gaga is doing right now.

  18. XTian... says:

    Britney and Christina are amazing singer!
    They sold millions albums, singles, DVDs or anything!
    But Lady GaGa is the leader based on albums or singles sales…
    Her debut album, The Fame, combined with The Fame Monster has sold over 15 million copies worldwide. Her singles has sold over 50 million copies. It means she has sold more than 65 million copies album and single!

  19. HotasIce says:

    Xtian this is about ALBUM sales Lady Gaga sales are impressive but she sells singles. Album sales holds more merit then single sales any day. Britney has sold close to 90 million albums and 60 million singles. Britney sold about 150 million records albums & singles combined.
    Christina may have a good voice but she hasn’t grown musically Bionic was awful and has yet to sell over 1 million or have 1 hit single. Britney with Blackout still manage to sell 290 k in 1 wk and sell over 3 million and Gimme More peaked no3 and Piece Of me went top 20. Britney even made better music then Christina when she was going thru a public breakdown , Christina will always be behind Britney I don’t care how good she can sing she will never be bigger then Britney.

  20. BrtineyLover says:

    that is definitely true but Britney Spears sold more than 100 million albums and 70 million singles now. Christina will never get as far as Britney

  21. Colin Fenton says:

    Genie in a bottle by Christina just makes the hairs on my neck quiver.

  22. irene says:

    Christina’s 2006 ‘back to basics’ sold more than Britney’s 2007 ‘blackout’ and also sold more than her 2009 ‘circus’ albums.

  23. christian says:

    Christina is diva while Britney just a singer.. wait entertainer I should say… and I search that Christina sells more than Britney

  24. hunter says:

    Well I prefer someone singing live and writing her own music, composing, music video director and an executive producer. Christina Aguilera does all these and more. In the music business Christina is the underdog or outcast because she dares to be real. Where as Britney is super fake and everyone flocks to be popular.

    As for album sales, just because you sell more doesn’t mean the content is good or inspiring. Yes granted Britney sold more albums but it is Christina Aguilera who’s music is still covered by thousands musicians out there from Genie in a bottle to you lost me. Just some food for thought.

  25. Titus says:

    I don’t give a rat’s ass on this sales,Christina will always have this fantastic voice while Britney doesn’t….she can dance and make a performance,she can even sing a bit but her voice is no match for Christina!

  26. Queen Madonna says:

    Britney songs are good, but her albums are nothing new, always sound the same. That’s why she sells more, her fanbase always know what to expect and buy the same old thing. Her “comebacks” are nothing but the same old Britney, just a little more mentally unstable. She doesn’t grow as an artist, well, she’s not even an artist, she’s a product. Christina on the other hand, always experiment and pushes herself to the limit. Those 4 years in between albums are life experiences that she put in her records. Unfortunately people are not use to this changes, and it does take time to get use to her songs. But once you do, Oh My God, you just know what is good.

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