Britney Spears’ Close Brush With Airport Screeners

A source claimed to the National Enquirer that he sold drugs to in her home town of Kentwood, Louisiana. The source, who passed a polygraph test administered by the tabloid, revealed that he became her marijuana supplier after a close brush with local airport personnel. “Usually she’d fly into a Mississippi airport, about 15 miles from Kentwood, on a private plane carrying her own stash,” the source said. “But one time, airport security decided to do a full search of all her luggage and carry-on bags. Britney sat on pins and needles in her limousine – half fuming and half scared to death – as security spread out every bag on the tarmac and went through everything from her underwear to her makeup. She was swearing a blue streak under her breath as the security detail went through her bags and kept looking up and smiling at her.” Fortunately, the search didn’t turn up any contraband, but left the singer so shaken she no longer flew with her own stash. “After that she started going through me to get the party started,” the source added. As for what Spears’ favorite munchie is when gets smoked out, the source revealed that Raisin Bran is one of her favorite munchies, and she’s been known to go through two boxes, chomping it straight out of the box. Britney’s publicist denied to the Enquirer that the singer has used illegal drugs.

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