Britney Spears Delivers Yet Another Disappointment

Contributed by AGUILERAFAN:

I must admit has over the past five been a force to be reckon with. If you look at her album sales and her breaking world records at such a young age you will see what I’m talking about but that was then and this is now. When I got to know Britney her music was good at the time because I was a teenager and I must say I loved some of her tracks but more especially her videos (there is no denying some of her videos are hot and still are).

When she released her third album “Britney” everything changed she didn’t sell that much and her singles were not great either then came “In The Zone” whether you like it or not this was her most disappointing album (the sales speak for themselves) although it made it to the top spot in the charts it hasn’t sold well (it has yet to go triple platinum) even though she scored at awards this album was not well received by many and now the Greatest Hits album that was regarded by many of her fans to be huge it was meant to break records all over the world proof? Over the last weeks stories of her pre sales were submitted here on pop dirt claiming she was going to go to the top spot in the UK and that did not happen! Some articles even boasted about her singles reaching #1 in Chile! Call this an essay or a mini novel bearing in mind that I didn’t force any of you to read it!

This what I have come to conclude her latest album is a flop (well in the US) debuting at #4 for someone like her is a setback, her single “My Prerogative’ not reaching the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Charts is also bad enough for me to declare her single a flop well that’s in the US!

P.S: This is not a diss to Britney and to her fans for that matter but what me a fan has been observing over the past few years so feel free to bash me because I know the truth always hurts no matter what and I was only talking about the American market because it is the most lucrative in the world and also because it is her and my home country not yours if you do not reside in America and before you ask me to mind Christina’s business I’ll tell you this Britney is in my face each and every day because she is popular and overrated!

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