Britney Spears Deserves A VMA This Year

Contributed anonymously:

as been nominated for 12 MTV Video Music Awards throughout her career and she hasn’t even won one! I am mad about this because Britney has been very successful so far and deserves a VMA. She has done well with her albums. Some singes, concerts and I don’t get why she hasn’t won one.

She has also done well on TRL with many number one videos and also many retired videos. But I think this is her year because she has had a successful album with ‘In The Zone’, her singles have done well, and a successful concert tour.

It makes me mad how Beyonce and Usher have most of the nominations. Beyonce has only had one solo album an Usher has only had one album that was as successful as Confessions. They will probably win a lot of awards but Britney has been hard working and successful but she still doesn’t. MTV now seems like mostly all they play is hip-hop and rap.

Britney deserves to win this year and if she doesn’t I will be confused and very disappointed at MTV for not giving her one.

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