Britney Spears Didn’t Snub Bono’s Kids

Britney Spears pink dress

In Touch Weekly reports Reps for U2 frontman Bono and are denying a report in The Mirror that claimed Spears refused to see Bono’s kids backstage at a concert in Dublin, but did meet with neighbor kids of ex-fling Colin Farrell.

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9 thoughts on “Britney Spears Didn’t Snub Bono’s Kids

  1. lilla says:

    Who cares man, if there was an article about every kid that was snubbed.



  3. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Since Bono is ALSO denying this, I’ll believe it! Had it just been Britney denying it, I’d call it another lie!

    I’m sorry that I can’t believe a word that comes from Britney or her camp, but they’ve made it damn near impossible to believe anything!! All the lies for 5 years….it’s disgusting. And what’s more disgusting is that people like you come out swinging at people like me for stating what I feel….especially when it’s negative about Britney. If there was anything worth defending, I’d be the first one to stand up and say it!

  4. nr1983 says:

    I never believed it. It’s so sad 3/4 of everything sad about that young woman is untrue, and there is nothing she can do about it. It must be very frustrating to feel like everyone has the control over your life but your self. This would have never happened if she had taken a long break like Christina did.

  5. hellahooked says:

    Even if it was true, I wouldn’t care. Just because it’s Bono kids doesn’t mean they should get special treatment. Britney can’t meet every fan.

  6. Sarcastic_person says:

    It is funny how fans chose to say it was gossip but there is no proof that Britney or Bono said that

  7. Britney_rocks says:

    You’re stupid. you’d rather believe the media than 2 stars who said it’s false. Naive

    Yet there is no proof that Britney snubbed bono’s kids. Man some people are really gullible for example you!

  8. tazzsgirl says:

    Naive little one.You who is in denial of anything negative that is said about your skank of a talentless idol.

  9. jimmypee says:

    Sure. In Touch Weekly. I wonder how much Britney’s people paid them to say that? She needs all the good publicity she can get right now.

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