Britney Spears Disappoints Mexican Fans And Press

Contributed Anonymously:

Birtney Spears did it again. The city of Mexico was anxiously awaiting the arrival of the pop princess to their town and only to find that Ms. Spears wasn’t so happy to be amongst the Mexican people. The news broke out in the newscast of Joaquin Lopez Doriga. The footage showed when Britney was arriving in Mexico. While she is in her truck with her police escort, Britney is asked to say hello to her loyal Mexican fans that were anxious to see their pop idol in their town for the first time, but Ms. Spears did the total opposite. After laughing a bit with her personal assistant Felicia Coulotta, she pretended like she was going to wave at the camera but flicked it off instead. The Mexican press is very upset on this issue, and there is even talk about people having boycotts outside of the Estadio Azteca where her concert is to be held. One of the most influencial reporters of Mexico Patricia Chapoy (the Mexican Barbara Walters) was encouraging people to not attend the concert!

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