Britney Spears Dominates Top 2004 Searches

Contributed by XtinaFan:

Yahoo! has announced its ‘Top 2004 Searches’, and is almost at the top of every list. She has her name in almost every category, which no other artists have. She placed #4 on the ‘Top 10 Search Terms’ (right behind American Idol, Paris Hilton, and Jessica Simpson). Britney placed #2 on the ‘Top Music Searches’ (right behind Jessica Simpson, and ahead of Christina Aguilera who is at #7). She placed #3 on the ‘Top Music Lyrics’ Searches (behind Usher and Eminem). Britney was also announced the ‘Top Mover’ of September, when the most searched for mover was “ Wedding”. On top of all this, Britney also has her own category of searches (the only artist that has their own category), which Yahoo! titled “Top Searches”.

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