Britney Spears Dominates Top 2004 Searches

Contributed by XtinaFan:

Yahoo! has announced its ‘Top 2004 Searches’, and Britney Spears is almost at the top of every list. She has her name in almost every category, which no other artists have. She placed #4 on the ‘Top 10 Search Terms’ (right behind American Idol, Paris Hilton, and Jessica Simpson). Britney placed #2 on the ‘Top Music Searches’ (right behind Jessica Simpson, and ahead of who is at #7). She placed #3 on the ‘Top Music Lyrics’ Searches (behind Usher and Eminem). Britney was also announced the ‘Top Mover’ of September, when the most searched for mover was “Britney Spears Wedding”. On top of all this, Britney also has her own category of searches (the only artist that has their own category), which Yahoo! titled “Top Britney Spears Searches”.

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