Britney Spears Donates To Cancer Fund Again

Contributed by RobScott:

People magazine reports that has made a $50,000 donation to Gilda’s Club Worldwide, whose network of free cancer support communities throughout North America helps patients with the disease.

The money will go to the Super Days program at Gilda’s Clubs – named after Gilda Radner, the Saturday Night Live comedian who died of ovarian cancer in 1989, at age 42. Super Days are daylong programs for children living with cancer to help them understand the disease and do arts, crafts and other activities.

In a released statement, Spears says, “When children have cancer, or when their parents or siblings have the disease, there are few places they can turn to for support. Gilda’s Club is one of those places. I passionately believe in helping children in need, and so I am very happy to make this gift to help children learn they can cope with what can be a terrible and devastating experience for them.”

“We are very grateful to Britney Spears for her most generous gift,” said Angelica Berrie, chairperson of Gilda’s Club Worldwide. “It will improve the lives of hundreds of children who are living with cancer.”

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10 thoughts on “Britney Spears Donates To Cancer Fund Again

  1. yelenerz says:

    That was really generous of her. I believe more celebrities should get involved in charities.

  2. bojanglez says:

    That’s cool, but the charity she donates most to is the Poor Dead Beat Dad Kevin Federline Foundation. :D

  3. fandango says:

    I guess it’s the thought that counts in this case–>’, ‘because I know plenty of non-celeb people who have given MORE than that to a cause. $50K is something, but not alot. And what do you mean – more celeb should get involved. They are, and not all of them do it for the tax write-off. Writing a check isn’t that big of a feat.

    exactly – his cars alone are over 300K. Nice charity case.

  4. jazzprofounder says:

    many of them do actually, but the media cares less about that

    Well that’s nice, thanks for sharing that Rob.

  5. BarbisMissMeMyBabies says:

    Brit’s always been generous in the charity department, that’s one thing I have always liked about her.

  6. fandango says:

    I’ve seen several posts saying how ‘nice’ Britney is for donating 50K (maybe more in total). If she were offering in the millions, I’d think more seriously of giving her the generosity award. It’s her money, so she can do what she wishes, but please – those of you who rank her higher because of these donations – think again…. 1 – This is a charitable donation (writeoff) on her taxes. It’s money that she has a choice to either pay to the gov’t (for welfare, social assistance, etc) or to a charity. Thus, the amount chosen – she has a financial assistant giving her the choice. 2 – This donation and it’s announcement is to assist her in cleaning up her image and capturing some good PR – not to influence others to give. 3 – MANY non-celebs give MUCH more than that, and donate much of their time to actually helping those w/ incurable illnesses. 4 – Many celebs are serious about their cause beyond writing a check. Angelina Jolie is one of the examples. To say that Britney is the only one making donations is complete BS. 5 – How many teens did Britney influence to START SMOKING (when she was an influence)? She could have made a real statement by not smoking – preventing an addiction and possible future cancer in others. 6 – How much money is donated to what someone so appropriately called the Federline Foundation? 50K would be Kevin’s weekly spending allowance. The car alone was close to 200K. It’s her business how she spends her money – but don’t make Britney look like a freaking saint when it’s actually not that big a deal.

  7. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Oops! Britney is a stupid ho, and you have totally made an ass of yourself again…. If she REALLY cared, she’d give a HELL of alot more than that!! I’m sorry, but $50,000 isn’t a great deal of money in this particular area….that won’t even pay a doctor/scientists yearly salary for his work to find a cure!!!!!!! If I had as much money as she’s got, I’d be giving at least a million or two a year!!! Maybe I have more heart here because I’ve lost a number of relatives and friends to cancer…who knows. But $50,000…it’s a nice thought, but at the same time….um, how about a little more of that $100 fortune you’ve got.

    WOW!!! I completely agree with everything you said. I know it sounds greedy and totally bias to say “oh, she should have given more,” and Lord knows that I can’t give that….probably never will. But I’ll give what I can once in the position to do so, and it IS the thought that counts. BUT…$50,000 is chump change to her, and if I were in her position, I’d be giving at LEAST a million or two every single year. NOT to mention the OTHER things I would do. She’s in such a great position and could do so many wonderful things, but she chooses NOT to. Like you said, it’s her money and time, but she spent so much on Kevin in the last year….could have done so much more!

  8. RobScott says:

    Whenever I donate to charity I only donate a couple dollars here and there and save the rest for myself. Does that make me selfish for keeping most of my own money or does that make me caring for sharing any of it? I think the idea of giving to charity is to open up your heart and share. Do you really think people dying of cancer or any other disease care about how much someone donated or the fact that they donated at all? Whoever thinks Britney “should” donate millions just because she has millions are crazy. The fact that she’s sharing when she doesn’t have to proves that she does, in fact, care.

    BadAss4Backstreet, if Britney doesn’t “care” just because she doesn’t donate millions, doesn’t that mean that you also don’t care when you take your money and buy Backstreet Boys cds and concert tickets? I mean while you’re having a great time obsessing over BSB, people ARE dying. Doesn’t that make YOU just as selfish as Britney? Of course not.

  9. Britney_rocks says:

    lol how much money in your intire lives have you donated to charity? Yeah that’s what I thought. You don’t see news here about others donating money to charities. $50,000 is not a tax write off lol. You’re just making up excuses. Britney could be a nun and you’d still find something to ***** about. $50,000 is more money then any of you would make in your entire lives.

  10. ihatehilary says:

    she needs to save her money now!’, ‘she’s got kevin to support, his two kids, shar, and one of her own on the way. I’m sure it’s not a $100 million fortune anymore.

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