Britney Spears Eyes Up Brighton Home

has reportedly fallen in love with Brighton’s most expensive house, according to the Daily Star. “Britney decided to invest in a UK home this year and initially thought that London would be the best bet,” a source revealed. “But Madonna apparently convinced her to look outside the capital. Madge told her how much she loved living in Wiltshire and it got Britney thinking she’d go off the beaten track.”

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3 thoughts on “Britney Spears Eyes Up Brighton Home

  1. nanda_lo says:

    Oh for god sake…. stop this. It’s like the 10000000000000th time I see a post about Britney “supposedly buying a house in UK”. When she actually BUYS one, you come and tell us but his gossip things are irrelevant.

  2. popmaster167 says:

    I thought though that she wanted to move to London,but Brighton is however more spacious and there’s less of a tightnit population and houses and property is more spaced out,however it is a hell of a long way from anywhere where she could get any work done

    Brighton is a big seaside town. Its in Deep South England in the UK and’, ‘its a really good seaside resort to go to and visit but in terms of viability of living etc. and getting a job its not very practical.

  3. maryfingsunshine says:

    Why would anybody want to live anywhere near Madonna? I pity the people of England who have to put up with her, and thank you from the bottom of America’s heart for doing so!

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