Britney Spears Fan Not Satisfied With St. Louis Concert

Contributed Anonymously:

After waiting impatiently to see Britney perform live in St. Louis, I left the concert with disappointment. First kept fans waiting impatiently for the show to start, many fans were wondering if the concert was going to be canceled. Fans wondered if Britney was upset over the many videos played of exboyfriend of songs ‘Pop’, and ‘Girlfriend’ before the show even started. When Britney Spears finally arrived on stage right away you can tell Britney was not in the mood to perform.

Britney lacked energy in her dance moves, sang a new song she just wrote the day before and asked the audience to “please bear with her” while singing the song which she did not hit any notes. I over heard a group of girls behind me wondering who was that singing the song. It did not even sound like Britney. She didn’t even interact with her fans. It’s like she wanted this concert to be over.

Britney Spears performed live in Savis Center here in St. Louis on the same day Cardinal player Darryl Kyle died from natural causes and did not even pay respect. Here in St. Louis, the residents are true to their sports team. She didn’t even pay respect to us in St. Louis regarding our big loss. I left the concert even wondering if Britney Spears really was the star I wanted to see, I was so disappointed in the concert I didn’t even think it was worth purchasing any of her merchandise.

I can truly say I was a big fan of Spears and was not satisfied with the concert performed here in St Louis…. Thankyou, ST. LOUIS DISSATISFIED BRITNEY FAN.

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