Britney Spears Fans Fire Back At Retiring ‘Fan’ Site

Fans of are lashing out at webmaster Ruben Garay for what appeared to be another publicity stunt by Garay, who made plenty of money off his “fan” site, to kick off a celebrity gossip site. They pointed out a previous message where after ignoring Spears he rejoined her bandwagon explaining: “After 3 months of being out of the Britney scene I had a lot of time to do some thinking. I’ve learned to accept what Britney has become, which was something that I had a hard time doing before.” I’m A Dude writes at “He’s a joke. I can’t believe Larry [Rudolph] has any contact with him.” Sameera added, “This place has more power than that idiot! It gets me soo mad.” Others have disputed WoB being the most popular Spears site as has been widely reported, with having an Alexa rating of 35,639 and having a 65,374 rating, while’s rating is 102,750.

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