Britney Spears Fans: Get Over It

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I’m getting sick of you fans constantly trying to prove to us Christina Aguilera fans that she sells more than her. Guess what, WE ALREADY KNOW SHE SELLS MORE THAN HER. We don’t need to constantly have essays shoving it down our throats, and showing us how much time you have on your hands and how you don’t have nothing else better to do than research record sales and such as if that alone is more important than talent or more important than listening and enjoying the music. It’s just obvious people. Britney was selling records before Christina even came out with her first album. And Christina took a break and did side albums that don’t even get publicized or recognized as much as a main studio album would make, as well as doing side projects and duets with Ricky Martin and La Marmalade, which by the way became the hit of the summer and she won a Grammy for that. So don’t act as if she doesn’t deserve credit, because really, it’s pathetic, and there’s no need for it.

While Christina was on her break, Britney was coming out with album after album to keep people interested and anticipating, as well as doing other publicity stunts that got her notice as being “not so innocent”, which obviously made people more interested in her and her new albums. Then Christina came out with her official sophomore album, Stripped. She didn’t sell as much as she hoped because of Dirrty, and because she wasn’t as popular as Britney for people to be buying 5 Stripped albums every time they walk into Wal-Mart, like the Brit fans that probably buy 5 ‘In The Zone’ albums for themselves and 10 more for their buddies.

So therefore, I find it pointless, unfair, and ambiguous to compare their record sales when 1) they both made their peak of fame at different times. Britney came before Christina, and she was popular and sold tons of records before she came out with her first album, 2) Britney kept on coming out with an album after another, while Christina took a break, 3) Britney obviously gets better publicity with each album. She pretty much does some publicity stunt every time her album is about to come out. Same for Christina too, she just doesn’t get much hype about it, and 4) because of fans like you that probably keeps buying her albums to this day so she can go up on the charts and so u can write yet another essay to brag about how many records she sell because she’s sooo “talented”.

It’s really getting pointless and ridiculous now. I’m a Christina fan, and I admit, Christina sells less than Britney, Britney sells more, Christina is not as popular as her, Christina barely gets any attention for her publicity stunts, and Christina is almost a shadow of Britney all because they have a little history together before they were huge pop stars. But you know what, I don’t care. I would care less if Christina was always #80 on the charts on her first week of release, or wasn’t talked about at all. I like her because of her voice, her music, and her talent.

I don’t need to bash Britney’s talent and talk about Christina’s record sales all the time to prove anything, which seems to be the only thing most of you Britney fans do. You just brag about how many records she sells, which have nothing to do with how talented she is, or how great her music is. And btw, I like some of Britney’s song, so don’t call me a “hater”, which btw is getting overused now and is such an unoriginal name to call somebody who’s just making an honest opinion that isn’t all goody goody. If I were a fan of Britney I would have more respect and honesty by admitting that she’s not the most talented when it comes to the voice, but is still an okay performer and has great music. And I wouldn’t mention a thing about how many records she sells, because that isn’t what makes her or anybody else talented when it comes to performing and that isn’t what makes songs like Baby One More Time, Lucky, Stronger, Oops… I Did It Again, Slave 4 U, and MATM great songs that are just fun to listen to. And same for Christina, even if she did sell as much as Britney it wouldn’t change the fact that songs like Genie In A Bottle, Beautiful, Dirrty, and Fighter are songs that I like, and her selling more or less wouldn’t change that. S

PLEASE, you Britney fans need to get over with this “oh Britney sells more, she wins!” crap because it’s making you look desperate and childish. If you were honest and a real fan you would recognize your idol for being a talented performer and having great songs, not for just being the youngest best selling artist in pop history.

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One thought on “Britney Spears Fans: Get Over It

  1. lindsay says:

    christina will ALWAYS be second to Britney. period. at the vmas with the Madonna kiss who did people care about? Britney! even though Christina has a better voice, Britney will always be americas sweetheart and FAVORITE pop princess! when brit had hard times, people were rooting for her everywhere and she came back better than ever, which sucked for Christina because she was back in Britneys shadow! THE WHOLE WORLD knows how jealous Christina has been of Britney, all you have to do is look at some of the stuff she’s said about brit. right now, Christina is the laughingstock of Hollywood with her copying Madonna and Lady Gaga-EVERYBODY is talking about how unoriginal she is! she’s always copied and tried to compete with the bigger, better stars and even as a mother, she’s still doing it. even akon said in a magazine that she’s unsure of herself. I really feel sorry for her because its obvious that she suffers from low self esteem.

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