Britney Spears Flies Vegas To New York

The New York Post reports was spotted with five flunkies flying first-class from Las Vegas to New York on America West after a weekend in Sin City.

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3 thoughts on “Britney Spears Flies Vegas To New York

  1. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    She’s still having her dignity. That’s amazing. America hates her she should move to Bin Laden’s cave. She’s as bad as him. :-P

  2. musikluver says:

    oo.. xtina-dirrty, your bitter cause you can’t even afford to fly, much less first class… so go in your your room, or what most people call their closet and listen to the one CD you own which is stripped…, and let it strip away every last bit of sense you have left.

  3. promisemewings says:

    I swear, has turned from a forum where people can discuss musical artists into a place where you just get really nasty and bash others.

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