Britney Spears Gets Neon Orange Fake Nails

The New York Post reports was spotted getting her fake nails painted in “Neon Orange” at Lily’s Nail Salon on West 56th Street.

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5 thoughts on “Britney Spears Gets Neon Orange Fake Nails

  1. nYLa says:

    chill its only nails…its not her hair. WOW some news.

  2. PopTart says:

    LOL She is getting On the Xtina tacky level! What’s next? Orange streaks?

  3. mellowyellow says:

    Maybe she’s gonna be a drag queen for Halloween. Hell, she won’t even really need a costume.

  4. justincaseyes2 says:

    And so this is exactly important news because of WHY?????? Well, since nails are so important you should all know that I got my nails done in Golden Red (had a pedicure also – so my toenails are also Golden Red). Everyone says they look really pretty. Oh, I’m sorry, I guess the point wasn’t nails but just that Britney Spears wasn’t mentioned enough today. Damn, I paid good money for this.

  5. cao says:

    so let her smoke if she wants to.

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