Britney Spears Gets What She Wants

It seems that Britney Spears’ diva demands and single-mindedness have paid off, as she finally achieves the sex siren persona she craved for so long. “It’s been a rocky road but, as always, Britney has got what she wants,” a friend of the singer told The Sun. “Kissing and posing topless on a magazine cover were all part of her plan to be taken seriously as an adult. But she is very much aware that she still has to prove herself as a grown-up singer.”

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10 thoughts on “Britney Spears Gets What She Wants

  1. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    “But she is very much aware that she still has to prove herself as a grown-up singer.” That would never happen. Her voice ruins her whole packaging and she has a brain as small as her nipple that’s why she can’t write meaningful and deep lyrics. Oh yeah, she can write songs about prepubescent, lollipops, virginity, boys, etc… wow, what an ”incredible artist” :-( Britney to be taken seriously as an adult? Um, in some ways I guess… look at her face. But when she talks and sings… ugh, she’s worse than her immature sister.

  2. jazzprofounder says:

    I know Britney is old enough to do what she wants, but c’mon now, I don’t think her own people take her seriously enough as a “grown up” artist. Who ever said that you had to pose practically topless in magazines to prove you are an adult? Do mothers and successful business women have to dress topless and kiss other girls to prove they are adults? NO. That’s just skanky. Many women artists have proven that they are more than a woman without even trying, which proves that they are wholesome, and not trying to always say, “Look at me look at me” with every little thing they are doing in their career. Trying to show that you are a woman is not something you have to show and tell…it’s not a game that you have to challenge people to make believe…it’s not even something that should be planned…if Britney believes she is truly more than a women and an adult artists, which she isn’t yet, she wouldn’t have to be so desperate. I am not trying to hate, but in my opinon Britney doesn’t even know what it means to be adult, yet alone an artist.

  3. millagrrl says:

    To be taken seriously in ANY INDUSTRY…actually to be taken seriously in the world, it takes more than the ability to kiss someone of the same-sex and taking off your shirt. It doesn’t require half a brain to do all of that. A 4 year old kid can probably do all of that; not the same appeal as Miss Spears have portrayed, but the point is, that’s not showing how one is an “adult.” I don’t think she comprehends quite clearly what being an adult is about. I think what she did is the opposite of what she’s trying to prove. If she wants to be an adult, I suggest thinking about the causes and effects of her actions because the majority of them are neither very adult or shows maturity. Personally, being as unbiased as I can about this (because I really don’t have anything against Britney, she’s a person in her own right and can do … and will do … whatever she wants), as an artist, I really don’t see her growing much from when she started out to now. Her music remains stagnant: they all seem to have the same sound: same sound=same effect. As an artist, she has not grown at all, I personally think. What she’s grown as is an “entertainer.” Over the course of the years, she’s been able to grab media and public attentions. Though being a good entertainer does not make you a good musician. Lest we forget that there are clowns out there that can be classified as great entertainers.

  4. jazzprofounder says:

    Well said…I believe, too, that Britney is doing the complete opposite of what she’s trying to prove…in a sense everything she’s doing to prove that she’s an adult makes her even less of one…you don’t have to be a certain age, nor do you have to do certain provocative things to the world to prove you are more or less of an adult and mature person. It’s all about the soul…not about taking off your clothes..kissing someone of the same sex…declaring that you aren’t a virgin…that’s not being a women, yet alone an adult. Everything she’s doing is just stripping off the vibrant clothes of womenhood. In my opinion its kinda degrading, I am not trying to put words in Britney’s own opinions about being a women, but does she really think being a women as a whole is about sex, drugs, being half nude, kissing girls, etc.? So you know, I think Britney needs to stop trying to prove anything. The artists that makes the beauty of being a women into a special thing through their music are the ones that truly get recognized as mature ARTIST. :)

  5. jimmypee says:

    “Kissing Madonna and posing topless on a magazine cover were all part of her plan to be taken seriously as an adult. ” LMFAO!!!! if anything, their plan backfired. she’s taken less seriously than she was before. “But she is very much aware that she still has to prove herself as a grown-up singer.” ” impossible when you never sing, and when you do, you sound like utter crap. LMAO. I think her and her “friends” are more delusional than her bum fans who post here.

  6. jazzprofounder says:

    If SUN magazine said something positive about Britney you would probably say something different.

  7. nomorebrit says:

    Kissing Madonna and going topless has just showed most of us that not only is she still very much a child but she is also very much controlled by the wants of men. (It doesn’t impress very many women.) Just cause she’s legally an adult doesn’t mean she has the maturity. I was told by a man a when crossroads came out that men were actually waiting for her to take her clothes off. They figured she would when her clothes got skimpier and her boobs got bigger.

  8. promisemewings says:

    How does she think kissing Madonna on live television and posing topless for a men’s magazine will get her taken seriously? It’s just makes her more of a sex object. Does she think of herself as anything more? But that’s right. She doesn’t have much of a brain in the first place. All she’s got is her hot body and beauty, which will eventually fade with time.

    It’s not about believing Sun magazine, which we all know is just a tabloid rag, but it’s about sparking discussion about Britney Spears’ validity as a performing artist. Just because she is going topless for a men’s magazine doesn’t necessarily mean that she’ll be taken seriously. Not a whole lot of women who expose themselves like that get taken seriously. Men automatically think, “Oh wow, boobs! *drool*” not “Wow, she’s sure got a brain on her, and I thoroughly respect her for that.”

  9. jazzprofounder says:

    Yeah that’s true. In the real world, nobody is gonna respect a lawyer that dresses like a tramp, or hire somebody that dresses like a slut in a major business corporation without taking them seriously….that goes the same for Hollywood too. Most artist that haven’t made such a big history out of their private sex life and revealing their skin as an excuse that it expresses their growth and maturity have become the most respected in the world. For instance, Madonna and Janet Jackson. Sure, they expressed their sexuality in an elegant, sophisticated, mysterious, and truly sexy ray of light…but they did it with grace and had an in depth feel of it through not just their skin, but also in their music, which is the way sexiness should be and feel. It’s all about the soul and spirit, not about being half nude in magazines and revealing your sex life.

  10. Brentwood_Babe says:

    She looks desperate for attention, not like a grown up. She doesn’t get it. Kissing a woman and taking your bra off for the camera doesn’t equate to adulthood.

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