Britney Spears Happy Shut Down

World of Britney’s own Ruben Garay posted on his forum earlier today news on Britney Spears’ crossroads premiere in his home country of Sweden. Ruben is in San Diego on vacation right now but revealed, “Anyway, I just got off the phone with the Swedish press, they called to tell me about Britney’s visit to Sweden today and how the premiere of CrossRoads went… first of all, about 200 fans had won tickets for the premiere and they had been promised to watch the movie WITH HER, but she didn’t care much, she arrived there, talked to the press for 5 minutes and left all her fans stranded. She didn’t watch the movie. She was asked what she thought of WoB closing down and her response was and I quote ‘I’m happy it shut down, I have way too many fansites already.'” Britney fans reacted angrily to the posting.

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