Britney Spears Headed To Mexico In July

Agencia EFE reports will be headed to Mexico City in July as part of a concert tour for her latest album, and to promote ‘Crossroads.’ Britney will perform before up to 50,000 in the Mexican capital on July 27.

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4 thoughts on “Britney Spears Headed To Mexico In July

  1. Brentwood_Babe says:

    How long does she have to promote this piece of crap movie of hers?

    Is it out on DVD yet? Probably will be before she’s done promoting it.

  2. Syndney says:

    I hope she is able to sell out the arena and not have to give away tickets with a purchase of tampons like Nsync had to do last year when they performed in Mexico City.

  3. Fan says:

    I remember that, they also used her name in every article about their concert.

    She’s a huge star, she is big in Mexico, she’ll sell out without the help of tampons.

  4. Syndney says:

    Ecck great I made a mistake in the spelling of tampons just great. *blushes*.

    Britney will sell with no problemo over in Mexico City she is popular over there I believe. I just don’t get how Nsync or rather management thought the group could sell out there with not that much press. The free tickets with a purchase of tampons only went so far and not enough to fill a stadium.

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