Britney Spears Honored In Fun Fearless Female Award Luncheon

was praised by music friends and family during Cosmopolitan magazine’s Fun Fearless Female Award luncheon on Monday. Britney thanked organizers after listening to a series of taped congratulatory messages from Destiny’s Child, and boyfriend of *NSYNC.

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One thought on “Britney Spears Honored In Fun Fearless Female Award Luncheon

  1. britnickjessjustin says:

    I saw a clip of this on the news .. Britney made me laugh. She said “ever since i was a little girl I always read Cosmopolitan and it means so much that i won this award” or something like that. FIRST of all … what the heck was her mom Lynne thinking when she let Britney read COSMO when she was a little girl. lol. I read cosmo for the first time when i was like 16, how old was Britney. No wonder why she bumps and grinds so well … she must have been practicing since she was a little girl!

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