Britney Spears’ Hospital Scare

Contributed anonymously:

Hey. I work at the In and Out Burger in Beverly Hills, and today singer came in for lunch. While she was in line, she got a phone call from her cousin who apparently told her that her aunt was in the hospital. Britney turned really white and stepped to the side as she called a few people. She was almost in tears as she spoke on two different phones, one on each ear. She calmed down when she was told that it wasn’t anything serious and that her aunt just had a bad reaction to some medication. Britney kept saying ‘Thank you Lord’ over and over before she ordered her food and then left. It made everyone in the restaurant nervous, thinking that she was going to break down. But a lot of people seemed supportive, telling her it would be alright, even though they didn’t know her. Oh, and she also got in a small fight with her brother Bryan on the phone a bit afterwards, raising her voice slightly. Other than that, she was really sweet to everyone, buying everyone who was with her their food even though they offered to pay.

Admin note: In and Out Burger’s official website doesn’t list a location in Beverly Hills.

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