Britney Spears In A League Of Her Own

, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, and Beyonce. One of these stars is out of place and should never be mentioned with the other musicians ever again. . So what exactly is she? A pop star? No. Great performer? No again. An actress? Not exactly. A dancer? No, sorry but someone as stiff and unrhythmic as her can’t be considered a dancer.

The only fitting title for her is an immature, untalented, superficial tabloid star. All the performers mentioned above have matured and went on to be talented musicians writing their own stuff, able to find success without being in every tabloid. Is it because they are uninteresting and unimportant. No, it’s because they have enough talent not to be insecure about their status as stars.

Britney will go down in history as having the greatest PR people ever. The way they have manipulated people into thinking this girl is sweet, nice, and having morals is undoubtedly the hardest task ever. Well maybe not, Britney’s fans are very “special” people. To be supportive of someone as nasty and trashy as her. An unapologetic home wrecker, a girl that has gotten a rep of being easy. But yet her fans are ready to point out her rival Christina Aguilera to be promiscuous, to put it in nicer words. But counterpoint, Christina has been in 2 long-term relationships her 5 year career, she’s been with this guy Jordan for almost 2 years, doesn’t sound too promiscuous to me.

On the other hand we have Britney- Justin Timberlake, Colin Farrell, Fred Durst, Columbus Short, Jared Leto, Kevin Federline, the guy she married, some college kid she had a one night stand with and god knows who else. All of those men in 5 years, she’s been a very busy girl, not in the sense of her music career or lack there of but in the sense of her personal life.

So as she sits and watches her once pop counterparts ascend to a level of greatness, she joins the ranks of Paris Hilton and the other trust fund babies that are famous for just being famous.

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