Britney Spears In Concert In Toronto

Contributed by XtinaFan:

I saw Britney Spears in Toronto at the Canada Centre on Saturday (April 3). I had front row seats, which was amazing.

The show started off with Skye Sweetnam. At first I thought she was or something, because she looks alot like Avril… she even had that whole punk-poser look going on. Kelis was Britney’s second opening act.

The audience there was mostly Britney lookalikes in their late teens (about 90 percent), and there were a few guys with their girlfriends, very few kids with their mothers, and some older people in their 20’s and 30’s. I was actually surprised, because the other Britney concerts I’ve been to, the audience was mainly 5-14 year old girls with their parents. Her audience has grown alot.

Britney started off the show singing ‘Toxic’. Her hair was brown, and even though I already knew about it, alot of people around me were surprised. She looked alot like she did in the ‘Baby One More Time’ video. She looked really beautiful.

Britney said that we were her best audience so far! She also said “Are you guys feeling lucky tonight? Well, if you’re really lucky, I might just marry one of you!”

The songs she performed were in this order: ‘Toxic’, ‘Overprotected’, ‘Boys’, ‘Showdown’, ‘Baby One More Time’ (cabaret version), ‘Oops I Did It Again’ (cabaret version), ‘(You Drive Me) Crazy’, ‘Everytime’, ‘The Hook Up’, ‘Slave 4 U’, ‘Shadow’, ‘Touch Of My Hand’, ‘Breathe On Me’, ‘Outrageous’, ‘(I’ve Got That) Boom Boom’, ‘Me Against The Music’.

The most raciest songs she did were ‘Touch Of My Hand’ and ‘Breathe On Me’. During ‘Touch Of My Hand’, she went over to this bathtub, and she had only a robe on…and then she dropped her robe to reveal this skin-coloured thing (similar to the outfit she wore at the 2000 VMAs), and it looked like she was naked for a second. Except the outfit had sparkles on it. Then she went into the bathtub and started touching herself…she was NOT masturbating, she was just touching her legs and stomach etc. There were a few beds on stage too, and her dancers were doing the same thing. Then during ‘Breathe On Me’, Britney and one of her male dancers kissed for about 10 seconds. And during the whole performance, two of her female dancers, and two of her male dancers, were doing the same thing as Britney and her dancer.

She sang ‘Everytime’ and ‘Shadow’ live, and it was amazing.

‘Before Me Against The Music’, all her dancers came onto the stage and Britney was saying her goodbyes. She said she didn’t want to leave, and she was like “I didn’t sing ‘Sometimes’ yet.” and then she sang a line of ‘Sometimes’ (really beautifully, I might add) “Sometimes I Run, sometimes I hide…” and she ran off the stage before she said “Bye!”. Then some people who thought the show was over (I knew better) started to leave, and then she came back and did ‘Me Against The Music’.

The show was really amazing.

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