Britney Spears In Hitkrant Magazine

Contributed anonymously: had some new exclusive scans, since removed, of from a Dutch magazine called Hitkrant. A promotion picture of Britney’s 4th album is on the cover. In the interview, they are talking about her new single, her new album and her new image.

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6 thoughts on “Britney Spears In Hitkrant Magazine

  1. jimmypee says:

    That girl sure ain’t no oil painting. Sheesh

  2. MistySl says:

    She can’t sing, Can’t hold a note, Can barely dance with her Fake 80’s Janet Jackson moves, her Beyonce hair extensions, and her fat thighs and cheap cow-boy boats, girl go back to the trailer, No one wants to hear your sorted tired CD. At least Christina had something to say and write and sing about on her CD. Britney is cute, that’s it,. Fake ass Madonna wannabe.

  3. hellahooked says:

    ^what do you mean? all Christina did on her CD was bitch.. no one wants to listen to her played-out life. anyways, she looks gorgeous!! very cute.

  4. hellahooked says:

    Britney CAN sing, CAN dance, CAN hold a note and doesn’t have fat thighs.

  5. MusicIsAwesome04 says:

    If you don’t like Britney, then why waste your time bashing her? Apparently you don’t have a life and all you can do is criticize a person you don’t even know–a person who will do more with their life than most people could do in five lifetimes. You don’t like her? Get over it.

  6. Cicero says:

    She looks all right. It’s sort of nice to see that Britney doesn’t pretend to be serious. Christina bothers me because she’s so fake, contriving things just to be taken seriously. The nail in her coffin was when she received breast implants.

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