Britney Spears ‘In The Zone’ Review

Britney Spears 'In The Zone'

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Reviewer: Britney Spears #1 Fan

I got this CD a little before it came out, and, at first listen, I hated it. The first time I heard “Me Against The Music” I thought it was one of the saddest songs. And, I still do. RUINED the song, not that she had much to ruin. It’s catchy, but not the best song on this CD or any other Britney CD. The CD in general is a step away from her typical “bubble gum” pop music. Britney had to evolve since the music industry is stepping away from all that (thank goodness, right?). I’m a definite Brit fan and this CD is one of her best. I think her absolute best is her third one, her first one is EXCELLENT, and this one takes third place. The second one is the weakest to me. For everyone who says Britney can’t sing, listen to her first CD. Listen to a song like “Born To Make You Happy” or “Email My Heart.” Then you tell me she can’t sing. Let’s not hate her because she’s beautiful, talented, and richer than we’ll ever hope to be. I look forward to more of Britney’s work and this CD is definitely gonna get a good workout on my CD player.

Stand Out Tracks:

– Outrageous
– Toxic
– Touch of My Hand
– Shadow
– Everytime (BEAUTIFUL SONG!)

Everything else is good, too, but those are the songs I have already come to love. Bottom line, DON’T judge this CD on “Me Against The Music.” That is just the catchy radio song they had to put out to get people to buy the album. Give it a chance.

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