Britney Spears Is Mad Dad’s Cashing In On Her Name?

A source tells The New York Post that is upset with her father Jamie for “trading off of her name to make his yogurt smoothie shop in Malibu a success.” Jamie started the smoothie shop several months ago and reportedly promised his investors his famous daughter would stop by three times a week to help promote the shop. Britney is so upset about the situation, she “did not want to see her father at Thanksgiving.” Britney’s rep denied the feud insisting, “Everything is fine with Britney and Jamie.”

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One Response to Britney Spears Is Mad Dad’s Cashing In On Her Name?

  1. Kim Young says:

    im a certified Britney Spears fan ever since I was a little girl. she has really grown up from a teen popstar into a sexy goddess diva. love ya Britney

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