Britney Spears Is Not A Flop

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Note: If you don’t want to read this you don’t have to, this is all my opinion and apparently the public too. It does have comparing with and just a little.

People call a ‘flop’ . Here’s a little definition of flop:
The act of flopping.
The sound made when flopping.
Informal. An utter failure.

Do any of them sound like Britney? No.

If you want to get serious here lets compare Britney’s 2nd CD (Oops) with Christina 2nd CD (Stripped). Who outsells that? Or even Britney debut album which sold over 14 million worldwide compared to Christina.

I wouldn’t call Britney or Christina either a flop. Both have sold good. But it seems more of the stuff on popdirt says Britney is a flop.

Baby One More Time has sold over 14 million albums world wide. Flop? I didn’t think so. Same with Oops which sold over 9 million. ‘Britney’ and ITZ might not have sold as much but does that make them a flop? No way. ‘Slave 4 You” was a huge hit and people liked it. Don’t forget ‘Overprotected’ released two different videos. Britney appeared in Austin Powers with a cameo and her songs ‘Boys’.

In The Zone, there’s no denying had some good songs. Whether of not it sold much. You know that even people who hated Britney loved “Toxic”. “Everytime” also caused a lot of popularity because of its shocking video and lyrics about Justin Timberlake.

You cannot call Britney Spears’ Greatest Hits: My Prerogative a flop just yet. It may not be doing well in America but are we forgetting it went #1 in many other places including France? Don’t forget that it won the title of “Most Selling Female Greatest Hits Album Ever” in the UK? That’s a hard award, I mean she beat out Madonna, Kylie, Shania, Janet, Mariah, and more. So and that’s a flop?

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2 thoughts on “Britney Spears Is Not A Flop

  1. britneylover says:

    you need the worldwide sales for both of them. but even so Britney still beats out Christina in every category

  2. Jen says:

    Britney’s classified with the legends, Whitney, Mariah, and Janet in terms of the 100million records sold. She’s on her way to Madonna if she has enough energy. Brit rules!

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