Britney Spears Is Not Better Than Christina Aguilera

Contributed anonymously:

This is another essay, so if you don’t like them don’t read this, as simple as that. should not be compared to someone who’s not on her level. cannot sing and therefore she’s in no way should be associated with Christina, much less be put above her. Britney lip-synchs on her concerts for god’s sake. The only thing she knows how to do well is to sell every inch of her body, and she does it well. Christina, on the other hand, is the most talented and hardworking entertainer out there today. I have been on her ‘Stripped’ and I was absolutely amazed by her ability to sing so well live and dance at the time. Not to mention the fact that the girl can actually put two words together and make an intelligent conversation (unlike some stars we know).

Britney is in no way a competition for Christina because Christina can sing, and Britney can only create controversy around herself, which actually works I might add. Whoever is going to say that she sells more because she’s better is just a fool. If Britney is so talented why does she need so much promotion? Every time her CD is released there’s no escape from ‘Britney Spears’. Even if you don’t like her you are going to be sucked in the thunder surrounded by her marketing directors. She is everywhere: radio stations, talk shows, specials, you name it.

Yes Britney sells more, but it’s only because people are being brainwashed. Britney is a marketing product who’s positioned to be everyone’s fantasy, and she’s therefore must sell by any means. Christina is an incredible performer with an amazing voice who does need to do to prove to people that she is good. If you are an intelligent person you will see it yourself, without anyone’s help.

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64 thoughts on “Britney Spears Is Not Better Than Christina Aguilera

  1. Amy says:

    BRITNEY is the Pop Princess!
    and Christina? obviously she’s NOT.
    Britney has the body, the style, the moves, she’s beautiful!
    Christina is totally ugly :|
    It’s Christina BITCH.

  2. Dan says:

    Nope. I beg to differ so much from what you said. Christina can really sing and definitely has true talent as she writes her own songs, can dance relatively well and also most importantly, SING LIVE unlike Britney Spears.
    furthermore, if you had realized, many of Christina’s songs are really about her personal struggles throughout the years and are meaningful too, unlike Britney’s songs which are just plain so not meaningful. I think that its so much easier for many people to be able to relate to Christina than to Britney.

  3. jim says:

    Dan, you are correct. Amy you are dead wrong.

    I agree completely with the author of this site. There is no comparison. Have Britney and Christina sing live, without a studio or even microphones and you will see who the clear winner is. Christina is on top.

  4. eisha says:

    Amy you are so wrong. The points have been clarified by Jim and Dan and if we talk about dance so I want to tell you that if someone is singing LIVE! then it is almost impossible to dance because the singer has to concentrate on singing ,not on the dance moves.
    and if any chance Christina lipsyncs then I am sure that she can show her moves better than Britney

  5. sophie says:

    ermm Britney Spears is well better than Christina Aguilera as she copied Britney’s dance moves oh and Dan if you are on bwt Britney miming on x factor then so what Britney is still pop princess and people love her to bits and you’re forgetting Britney has been through hell and back and she went bit crazy but she come back and it just shows that with people like you judging her all time well this what happens and that Christina Aguilera well she ugly not even pretty and she don’t make er own dance moves or songs actually so what you on bwt and when Britney was younger she was the American sweet heart and look she still is even after everything that happened and boy can Britney dance haha so get your facts right okay ohh and why we on the subject you think better Britney Spears or Leona Lewis or this Alexandra Burke who you think better out of them and why

  6. John says:

    For those who are doubting Britney’s abilities, here are the facts:

    > Britney sold 100 million records, Beyonce 50 million, Christina sold 38 million… other sold even less.

    > Britney has 5/6 number 1 albums which no other artist has.. not even Madonna

    > Madonna was popular when after she was 25. Got her first Grammy after 30. Britney got it at 22 means that she can sing (oh please much better than Kylie Minogue, Gwen Stefani, Madonna or Nelly Furtado whiners). Britney was doing it 10 years back and still does it again and again.

    > She would be dancing at 50 and will be singing too. .. Madonna is doing both so for those who do not agree “You’re kidding me right?”

    > Christina Aguilera has a perfect voice ok.. but so has Beyonce, Mariah, Anastacia, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Jordin Sparks, Amy Winehouse… blah blah blah but WHO HAS BRITNEY’S CHARISMA????? PLEASE MENTION EVEN IF THERE IS 1.

    > Britney had bipolar, so had Janet Jackson… Mariah had problems but all are fine now! Isn’t it? And Britney is back still blowing the charts.. her personal problems hasn’t brought down the sales or popularity so…?? what’s the deal?

    > Christina never had problems and there isn’t anyone to bring her down, still she never gets on the top of the game.

    > Britney has dealt with trouble since she was a child and she is a much more mature woman now and is not going to repeat her childish mistakes.

    > And about that Circus theme saying that Britney has copied it, I would like to mention that Marylin did the Circus shoot, Madonna did one like that do, artists have been doing this stuff since 1900. Saying that Britney copied Christina is just like arguing over two singers who have their videos shot in a dance club. lol


  7. Lewis Bavn says:

    Each is to their own. Mine being Christina. But, to be fair, Britney CANNOT Sing. I must credit the voice modifiers though for they make it sound average. This is just my opinion and I respect others so please don’t send letters to my home with death threats lol !.

  8. clare says:

    tbh, in my opinion Christina wins everyday, but everybody has different views. For example, although I adore both singers, Christina has the upper hand with her vocal ability, as she can sing somewhat better than Britney. its true though, nobody can make excuses for Britney’s behavior, she chose to hook up with somebody she didn’t love + along came the two children. Of course she got her self back on track BUT Christina never went of the track. Britney’s live is more about controversy than actual singing. When it comes down to music, in my opinion Christina has the upper hand. x

  9. W says:

    Britney CAN sing! When people lip-sync, that doesn’t mean they can’t sing, that means that probably they don’t want to get out there and sound like crap. Britney is a perfectionist, she don’t wanna be singing bad on stage! When she performs her ballads it’s live and often times she sounds better than the CD, so lay-off. Christina lip-synced her performance at the 2008 VMAs and that doesn’t make her a bad person. She knows that she couldn’t have done all that dancing n stuff and sound good so she lip-synced instead. But no one will get on her case about it. Figures…

  10. says:





    CHRISTINA AGUILERA IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. José says:

    Britney Spears has everything to be a good performer and entertainer and Christina’s has the voice to sing and cultivate your spirit, but Britney can cultivate your eyes, brain and heart too, I think both are different in someway that’s why they’re still on the music spot actually, but totally for me Britney is #1 and Christina #2 and that doesn’t mean I don’t like Christina Aguilera, is just that for me the first ONE was Britney, then came Mandy Moore, Jessica Simpson, Stacy Orrico, Christina Aguilera and many others that right now they’re doing other business around the spotlight but not singing at all, at least Jessica Simpson to me is the #3 and Mandy Moore #4 both artist got the gift to sing since they were born =). so stop talking sh** about Brit-Brit and sing ….All eyes to the center of the ring…just like a CIRCUS =)…by the way Have you seen AMY?

  12. tia says:

    wow what an incredible bias post, you are choosing to compare qualities to make someone seem better

    there is so much more to it than that

    when in reality the #’s tell us whose better, the people, and the people say Britney, so it’s Britney, the end

    whatever, to each their own, you say her, I say Britney

  13. cicilora says:

    each to their own.

    I don’t think Christina and Brittany should be compared, because they play different ROLES. Brittany is a dancer, an entertainer, a saucy cheesy pop princess, and she does it well. Lots of people can make controversy; only Brittany can truly sell it. And OF COURSE she’s the better dancer — she won state competitions for gymnastics when she was like, 10.

    On the other hand, the better singer is clearly Christina. Christina is about soul and music and maturity and real life (well, she’s still pop oriented, but still a lot better then Brittany in that aspect). It’s probably because if Brittany ever tried to have anything that talks about anything remotely about her life, people will jump all over it and eat her alive.

    My two cents. :D

  14. Dylan says:

    No offense to Christina fans, but Britney is the bigger star, yes Christina is a better live singer, that doesn’t matter, all that matters is what appeals to more people, and obviously Britney appeals to more people then Christina does, because she is more on the conservative side, while Britney is the hot, sexy, pop star. that’s just my thoughts, but I do like Christina she’s very talented, but I prefer Britney way more.

  15. JD says:

    Christina isn’t all that great, she does have a better voice but that’s as far as it goes.
    Why do you think she’s changed her appearance and music so much? She’s a sell out, she couldn’t sell records so she had to “reinvent” herself to please people and make money. I believe her “Dirrty” phase was her trying to be sexier than Britney in hopes to sell more and it didn’t work for her. People wanna call Britney a whore and a sell out because of her sexuality, look at Christina’s pictures promoting “Stripped” that was just beyond trashy and gross. None of her reinventions have came close to the success of one of Britney’s albums. Its kind of sad too, Now she’s gone as low to rip off EVERYTHING from Lady Gaga. I’m a fan of Christina and I have all of her albums I try not to compare them because they’re in different categories. Christina should be compare to Mariah,Beyonce, and Alicia Keys. Where Britney is in a more Popular category with Madonna, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga. Britney is on top of that category where Christina is close the the bottom in hers

  16. dan says:

    GO XTINA!!!!!

  17. dave says:

    xtina is way better because is an incredible vocalist she sings live and the songs she writes actually hjave a meaning that people can relate, she also can perform different ypes of music whereeas Britney is more of a one trick pony. in my opinion the reason why Britney has sold more albums is the fact that she has about 6 or 7 albums whereas Christina only has about 3 or 4 but if they had the same amount of albums Christina would sell just as many as Britney. Anyway Christina is more about quality than quantity and this has been the fact that she has won more Grammys than Britney even though she has less albums

  18. Katt says:

    I agree with John, Britney Spears is the better entertainer. Christina has a more technical voice, but you know what? There are thousands of girls in the west end who can sing EXACTLY like her.

    I personally prefer Britney’s voice. It’s sultry, sexy and unique. No one else sings like her. The music is also much better.

    The only reason Christina has her name in the spotlights (somewhat) is because
    1. ‘Dirrty’ (need I say anymore? That was the trashiest filth-fest I’ve ever seen)
    2. The controversy she made about everyone who doesn’t like Britney should like me blah blah
    3. Her getting her ten minutes of fame by shoving her tongue down Britney’s long-term boyfriend’s throat.

    So DON’T talk about talent unless you know what you’re on about.

  19. KoolKid says:

    I so agree! I get tired of people saying that Britney is this great singer and the “princess of pop” or whatever…she’s a great performer and very attractive! But she is not that amazing of a singer. When she first hit the scene she could sing a bit but she never was great! Do you think Britney would be as famous if she just stood behind a mic and sung? No! She has to have all the gimmicks and the sex appeal! Christina could still have a career without all the other stuff because her voice speaks for itself. You never saw Whitney, Mariah, Celine having to do all of that, because they could really sing! Other artists like Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Leona Lewis, etc. are big without all those things too because they have natural vocal talent, unlike Britney who lipsyncs most of her live performances.

  20. nikko says:

    i will go with Britney..
    cause,you kn0w what?
    ever since when I heard her voice, I was amazed.!

    there was a uniqueness with it unlike Christina,
    Even though she writes her song,..
    i couldn’t understand it..

    i will go for Britney…

    fan:nikko naoe

  21. blenger says:

    well… Christina may have a better voice.. but why does Britney get more attention … ?? … Britney got more fans which shows that she is far more better than Christina … OVERALL.. VOICE is not enough in this world … you need an entertainer… and y do people still compare these two?? I’d say because they both came out at the same time and were both in Mickey mouse club… and we humans love to compare and judge others… its one of our jobs… can’t deny it

  22. Ramin says:

    Christina rules!!!
    I’m a composer & I can understand that we just can’t compare her with Britney dudes!!!
    SHE ROCKS!!!

  23. lindsay mays says:

    the bottom line is…Christina will never get the attention that Britney gets. she will always play second fiddle to Britney – I mean, look at the VMA kiss with Madonna. Britney got ALL the attention! Britney Spears is the pop princess of today. she’s sexy, she’s a phenomenal performer, she’s got stage presence and all the pop stars have wanted to be Britney Spears at one time or another. She’s the Madonna of this era! People love Britney Spears! and Christina has always been jealous of that! I agree with the girl who said Christina got all slutty to try to compete with Britney. She just ain’t got it! Britney was even number 1 on the Mickey Mouse Club, all the boys thought she was sexy even back then. Britney Spears has been the number one pop princess since she’s been out, no one has even come close to taking the throne from her!

  24. Julia says:

    Christina is an amazing singer. Britney is an amazing dancer.

    Britney is only more famous because she chose to become a complete and total whore. She’s only so famous because of the controversy she creates.
    Christina gets less attention because she chooses not to act like a whore (yes, I know about the whole Dirrty thing. Hah, that was a long time ago, though, and she’s a lot older and more mature now… x]). She decided to marry and settle down, and she chooses not to “get her fame through controversy” (yes, that is a quote from Can’t Hold Us Down. XD ).

    Christina is by far more talented, and in my opinion she should be the “pop princess,” but people are stupid so of course the less talented one will be more popular.

    To each his own though.

  25. sabrina says:

    Christina is way better, much prettier, and the only reason Britney has sold more is because she was out first and sells her body, Britney has to lip sync because she uses so much technology in her voice she would not sound even close to the same on stage, it easy to hear in her voice unless your death

  26. Frank says:

    I love both artists and I believe their music is different. They each bring their own attributes and style to their music. One thing is for sure: Christina has a better singing voice– a powerful amazing voice at that– than Britney Spears. Britney admits that she would love to have a voice like that of Christina’s (On 20/20), I admire her for being honest. I love Britney’s controversial music and lifestyle and do admit that Britney’s songs are more catchy than Christina’s. When it comes to numbers, talent doesn’t matter as much. The beats of the music is what sales. You can have a lot of talent, but if your song is boring, no one will want to listen to it. My point is, Britney has sold more for having better and and catchy songs. I’m a fan of both and of their music, but I do admit listening to Britney more often on my iPod than Christina. However, Christina has more talent.

    My unbiased opinion.

  27. cagotflava says:

    Ass. Body. Swag. Beauty. Voice. Talent. duh got to be my girl? CHRISTINA!!! Christina is a million times better and way? hotter than Britney. Britney’s a trailer-park chic who is still a poor-man’s Christina and can only dream to? be as talented as my girl period.. yes sir?

  28. Baby Jane says:

    Christina! Only Christina!Britney…! Does she can singing?NO!Nice girl.but she hasn’t got wonderful voice…

  29. TJ says:

    In my opinion both have been very successful and are the 2 biggest female performers. Britney’s albums have sold better than Christina’s; however, Christina’s singles have been more successful compared to Britney’s and she has won more Grammys. The style of their music is different and people should start realizing that they can’t be compared…it’s like comparing apples with oranges. Both artists will go down in music history and that’s that. One thing I might add is whatever happened to Britney’s actual voice? I mean it was there at one time lol.

  30. Kady says:

    Christina is better hands down. She has more respect in the industry, she has one plenty of more awards compared to Britney and her singles did a hell of a lot better compared to Britney’s. Plus if Britney was so great why wasn’t she picked for Lady Marmalade? By all means I am a Britney fan her music is catchy and pretty good but it’s all the same…I mean if you like one song you pretty than gotta like all the rest. Plus let us not forget that both Britney and Christina were nominated for Best New Artist of 99 and Christina won.

  31. Yiorgos says:

    the way I see it,
    If you want to listen to someone who sings awesome, go with Christina. If you want someone that CAN sing but no where near her (she even said in a interview she wished she had Christina’s voice) than go with Britney. Britney is more of an entertainer, she puts on a show, HAD great dance moves (they were obviously missing on the circus tour) so I don’t think they’re anything alike, except the blonde hair. If they were the exact same, could they really survive? NO they’re different…..people like them for different reasons… each there own!!!!

  32. Julie says:

    Britney is the best. I honestly think she even made Christina more popular because people were always comparing them. A lot of people have great voices but Britney has a
    ridiculous amount charisma-something more rare. The reason that Britney wasn’t in Lady Marmalade is because she’s a stand alone star-she’s not like Beyonce trying to collaborate with everyone in a desperate attempt to stay relevant. Britney has millions of fans who love her and her music-oh and she does write some of her songs, same as Christina. I’ll admit most of Brit’s songs are just fun and not really meaningful but the songs she wrote herself are actually very touching. I also like Christina but I just love Britney. Looks-wise I think they are equal. Both girls are exceptionally beautiful.

  33. athina says:

    Christina Aguilera is so much better than Britney….no offense but Britney is TRASHY and can’t sing worth sh**!!
    Christina is a real artist and the only reason Britney sells more is because she acts like a skank and makes headlines by shaving her head and going to rehab…in my oppinion that is not a true artist and Britney can’t even be compared to Christina because Christina is so talented!!

    Christina all the way!!

  34. Truth says:

    Britney copies Madonna and Christina copies Mariah..

    Both are wannnabe of the century. Sad isn’t it?

  35. tell me.. says:

    Britney not better xtina..
    Britney never ever be can’t good singer… will can’t.. Britney always do it playback,not sometimes..therefore, she queen of playback…. thas’s real..
    good dancer ok, but old.. now bad dancing.. she just walking on the stage.. Also, her albums once so sold.. now not very sells..(ex: like circus 3-4 millons between,single collections 0.5 m.)Now,than her there are more sellers..
    *** Britney’s charisma on the ground***

    Old= Britney..ok!
    Now= chritina,beyonce,taylor swit,Lady Gaga vs,vs,…

  36. gabo says:

    xtina & Britney Spears is no match for Lady Gaga
    but I agree Britney will become queen of pop
    christina has a powerful voice that gaga and spear hasnt
    gaga and spear has a beautiful voice but not powerful as aguilera
    aguilera is queen of reinvention
    spears/gaga queen of pop

  37. lindsay says:

    christina Aguilera was jealous of Britney FOR YEARS because brit was americas number one pop princess and sex symbol, NOT her! the whole world knows that! yes Christina has a better voice, but people care more about Britney, she creates a bigger buzz. case in point- who were people talking about at the vmas with the Madonna kiss? Britney or Christina? Christina has the voice, but brit has the body, the sexiness, the stage presence, the charisma and she’s a phenominal performer! Christina will NEVER generate the interest that Britney does and she will always be 2nd to brit! that’s just a fact!

  38. Cataclysm Jonez says:

    Lol… Leave it to the internet to horrify me. You’re all retarded. Both of them are corporate puppets that laugh at you from their million dollar mansions in the Hills. By endorsing these pop-tart artists, you’re contributing to the downfall of western civilization. It’s 2010 people. Find some real music for the love of Bob. And appeals to popularity are useless for determining an artist’s worth. Eat crap; a billion flies can’t be wrong, right? Pffft. What a joke.

  39. Justin says:

    Let’s face facts — Christina can sing Britney’s ass off; that being said Christina in no other way, shape, or form compares to Britney. She’s not a performer which is what pop music is. The little bit of dancing she does is basic and predictable, her shows are no way comparable to Britney’s, etc. etc. Britney Spears has better sales, more publicity (even when she doesn’t exactly promote), all of her concerts sell out while Christina has to cancel and reschedule hers because of poor ticket sales. And while the both of them may have 3 number 1 singles (I’m not giving Christina full credit for Lady Marmalade because she needed 3 other women to make that a hit), all of Christina’s came from her first album. Everyone has their hayday — Christina just hit hers when she first came out.

    So, back to your original question:

    Christina can sing Britney’s ass off, but if she’s going to be a PERFORMER in a POP industry, Britney will kick her ass everytime.

    End of story.

  40. John says:

    Britney Spears doesn’t promote!!

    Britney DIDN’T promote the single releases for “Blackout” apart from on performance on the VMA’s, and we all know how that one went!
    Gimme More reached the top 10 in almost every country, and #3 in the UK and US.
    Piece of Me reached the top 10 in almost every country, and #2 in the UK, US and #1 in Canada.
    Break the Ice reached the top 20 in almost every country including #13 and #14 in the US and UK.
    NO PROMOTION WHATSOEVER, yet she still sells!

    The Circus album was promoted only a little, and she still managed to pull a #1 out of the bag, almost worldwide with Womanizer.
    Circus (The single) went #1 in a few countries, and top 10 in ALL countries!
    If U Seek Amy went top 20 in ALL countries!
    Radar went top 40 in ALL countries except the US.

    Blackout Album debut sales: 500,000+ (In US) went #2.
    Circus Album debut sales: 505,000+ (In US) went #1.

    Bionic debut sales: 120,000+ (In US) went #3… despite HEAVY promotion!!

    Hmmm, sorry!… Britney is clearly better :)

  41. John says:

    Oh, and the people saying GaGa is the queen of pop… you can’t determine that with 3 years in the business.

    Britney was made princess of pop after 5 years, and now she is queen.

    Lady GaGa sold 8million copies for her debut album The Fame.
    She then went on to sell 2 million copies for her second album The Fame Monster.

    And yes, they are both counted as seperate albums, as if an album is to be determined as a re-release or deluxe edition, it must only contain 3 new songs. GaGa included 8 new songs on The Fame Monster, making it a whole new album.

    Sorry GaGa fans, but the sales of her 2nd album were appalling compared to the sales of The Fame.
    People are getting bored of GaGa now, and the interest in Britney builds every day.

    When Lady GaGa, Christina and any other female artist, other than Madonna achieve what Britney has… THEN you can say one of them is better.

    Doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen any time soon ;)

  42. Marie says:

    Christina is way better than Britney if we speak about REAL TALENT! Christina sings better, she is a real artist. Her vocal is great compare to Britney and that’s the fact I’m sure everyone sees that but of course its hard to admit especially if you adores Britney and that’s totally acceptable.

    To be honest, Britney sells records because of her body and because of her life dramas not because of her talent. It’s very clear that her records is the best sellers becuase of horny men and people who love drama are the one who’s buying it.

    No said Britney doesn’t promote? She does it in a different way, she does nasty things and unacceptable drama including her children just to make peopple curious about her which is not very professional way of promoting!!!!

    Christina in the other hand, she is a decent woman and a real artist so there is no way Britney is better than Christina, just saying!!!!!

  43. Edin says:

    You are right there is no doubt that Christina has a better voice than Britney, but darling that’s the only thing… Britney is a better performer, has better music, music videos,everything… Christina will never be better than Britney, because of a simple fact-SHE’S NOT BETTER THAN HER!!!

  44. rach says:

    Britney is the best pop singer out right now she has been for the past decade and doesn’t seem to be giving that up anytime soon. Britney has a uniqueness about her voice…i don’t hate Christina Aguilera’s voice but the tone of her voice annoys me. If I’m going to listen to someone belt it I will go with Mariah who is the true soul singe of our decade and continuing to do so. I don’t like Christina’s songs at all and it’s just the way they make me feel. Britney songs always touch on my emotions…yeah she sings about adult stuff but I’m an adult and I can relate. Nobody on the radio sounds like Britney. I’ve heard a million similarities to Christina’s voice. This is definitely not an article with facts but opinion and ours don’t seem to line up

  45. tech says:

    charisma is more powerful than talent… Christina has talent singing wise and so-so dance skills but has very weak charisma… Britney, on the other hand,has so-so singing abilities and awesome dancing talent and impeccable charisma… and as we know in pop music… charisma + groove is always better, than big voice… Christina Aguilera just doesn’t have that kind of marketable personality and pizazz like Britney, Beyonce and other pop artists for that matter.

  46. Britney Anudar Spears says:

    My Britney I Love you So Much.Christina Aguilera is Stupid.Christina Aguilera Not Beautiful.My Britney Is Beautiful And Can Sing And She Is Very Good Dancer.Her Movie Is Amazing.My Britney I Love You.You Are My Life.My Everything.I Love you’re Family’s All Member. I Love Jamie Lynn, Maddie, Bryan, Parents, Grandparents,2 Kids I Love them.I Love you My are Stronger. I coming you becoming soon. wait me. My Name is Anudar. I’m Girl.15 years old.I’m Pianist and Singer an I like Dancing.I become American Pop Amazing Singer.I Love you My Britney. Christina Aguilera Is Stupid. My Britney I Love you.Sean and Jayden is pretty I Love Them Kiss. My Britney Kiss. Love life.

  47. Marie says:

    well stupid and slut people always be stupid and slut like Britney and her fans.. intelligent and decent ones will forever be intelligent and decent like Christina and her fans… BIG smile here!!!

  48. Natasha says:

    OK. First of all Christina was pregnant during her back to basics tour and she did an AMAZING job in ALL of her performances. ALSO, during her stripped tour, she sang the song “At Last” and hit the highest note I ever heard I tried doing that but the furthest I could go was like 7 :P. PLUS, Christina can sing and dance at the same time. AND Christina is not copying Lady Gaga!! Christina was famous back then in the 1999’s and 2000’s. Gaga was famous at like 2008. I have nothing against Britney or Gaga, I love there music but don’t compare Christina (the Legend!) to people that’s not on the same level as her. NUFF SAID!

  49. Natasha says:

    ALSO!! Christina sings about true life! Like her songs Beautiful, Fighter, Can’t Hold us Down……! Britney sings about 123 not only you and me got 180 degrees and I’m caught in between stuff. I mean maybe Britney sold more albums than Christina but she wouldn’t have got all that much if she hadn’t “shave her head”. Christina still is VERY famous and she didn’t do nothing retarded. And for crying out loud, Britney lipsynchs!!!! Never had I once see Aguilera lipsynchs. I mean its ok to have a little playback probably cause your voice is kinda going out but at least sing some songs in some of your live performances!! Again nothing against Britney. Christina isn’t ugly compared to all the girls out there in the world they ain’t the most beautiful girls in the world compared to Christina. CHRISTINA IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!! LEGEND TINA FOREVER!!!!

  50. Nicole says:

    just because Britney sold more albums doesn’t mean she’s has more talent than Christina….

  51. sam says:

    Britney can sing.. she just doesn’t really want to.. or has lost it by now.. I can say it because I am a fan.. I check almost all of her videos, read stuffs – etc.. for me Britney will always be special.. she has something that others don’t have.. she’s human.. lol.. ;P

  52. amy says:

    I love Christina! she rules Britney eh

  53. sakura_ei says:

    true that Christina is better singer than Britney period. but aside from that what else is the edge of Christina…i can’t recall other thing!! while Britney on the other hand is great dancer, sells more albums (songs that are catchy are easy to remember, that’s why most people like it), sold out concert, successful endorser etc..from there I say Britney is better!!!

  54. miap says:

    i don’t think Britney is better just because Britney has more sold albums and dances good. Christina can dance too! search up her video Dirrty and see her dance plus in some of her live performances she dances while singing. Britney does dance good but she always lipsynchs it. Christina on the other hand can sing and dance live. but I don’t have nothing against Britney I just say Christina is rather much more talented than Britney.

  55. anonymous says:

    OMG, seriously comparing the two?? There is no comparison. Let me repeat, NO COMPARISON. Britney can dance? LMFO! Britney can’t sing or dance and is fake. But come on people, this shouldn’t even be a topic worth arguing. Britney can NEVER hold a candle to Christina Aguilera. I want to remain anonymous for a good reason, I’m in the music industry myself. I’m not on one side or the other; I’m basing on facts. I’ve seen both Christina and Britney in concert very up close. Britney doesn’t sing live for one good reason, she can’t. Even with audio enhancements she only sounds average. Not only can Christina Aguilera sing live, but she can do it very well. Actually her vocal range is incredible. So when push comes to shove, Christina is far more vocally talented!

  56. bob says:

    It’s simple. Break each into their parts and compare.

    Singing talent: Britney can, Christina can’t her voice is horrible. Britney wins.

    Body: They both have nice bodies. Tie

    Face: Britney is cute, Christina is ugly. Britney wins.

    Personality: Britney is white trash which captures media attention, Christina fights with everyone which pisses people off. Britney wins.

    Overall Britney is better all around which is why she is more famous and sells more albums.

  57. XtinaFAN says:

    LOL guys stop it. Christina is the better singer, obviously. To those who say Britney has a better body, the why did Maxim put Britney on the top 5 UNsexiest women list while on the same issue, it put Christina on #4 of the top 100 sexiest women of the year.

  58. jk554 says:

    the comment bob said??? are you frigging serious Christina can sing way much better than Britney!!! are you serious!?! Christina isn’t ugly! she’s gorgeous!!!! so stfu

  59. jenny says:

    Just what is a star? It used to mean talent, outstanding, performance, personality, and a presence.

    Spears does not really meat that criteria. It is all techno voice and mechanical movements.
    Aguilera has a voice to die for and the talent to go with it. She also has a brain. When she sang live with Tony Bennett on a show, she was magnificent. What a voice and what range. She is very talented.

    I don’t see Christina driving with her baby on her lap putting her child in danger. Spears may be a pop princess, but that does not take talent. It is called marketing.

  60. :) says:

    No offense if you pick Britney you’re tone deaf and need to go get yourself checked. I’m speaking with fact here that Christina Aguilera is the better singer plus she has a better persona to her than Britney. I agree Britney Spears is just average, but Christina has been blessed with a talent that many only dream of having. Its a joke when you compare their record sales to their talent, that doesn’t show anything except that the media obviously has a impact on Britney fans, her songs aren’t even good, they all have auto tone, and no meaning what so ever. The only people that say that Britney is better are biased and stupid, and are unreliable for an honest opinion.

  61. Jessica says:

    Christina is an amazing singer. Britney can sing… but she always lipsynchs her songs. Christina on the other hand, can sing, stretch her vocal ability, and is a true performer. Britney is a good performer as well but the only things she does is dance because she lipsynchs. The only time I heard her sing LIVE was like 2 times. Christina is a beautiful girl and no one can do at what she does best. Her voice is full of soul and emotion, which completes the way to an outstanding song and performance! She has songs that can be well-related to real life that everyone has…like “Beautiful,” the first time I heard her sing that song I cried… that’s how much I feel about her voice and songs. They have meaning. Britney has been through a lot and had still sold millions of albums, I’ll give her credit for that. I prefer Christina though. LOVE YOU CHRISTINA

  62. Ken says:


  63. tony says:

    christina aguilera is pathetic. she has a great voice, sure, but she is so insecure with herself and always jumping on trends , it’s absolutely pitiful to watch. it was obvious that she copied brit during the “dirrty” era and then her video “not myself tonight” was totally jumping on the madonna/gaga bandwagon. then she claimed she was bisexual right after lady gaga, megan fox and a few other female celebs came out. sad. britney, on the other hand, is what every male wants to be with and what every women wants to be. she’s STILL dominating after 13 years in the music industry for a reason! throughout the 2000’s, every little pop star in the world wanted to be just like britney including christina aguilera, mandy moore, jessica simpson, willa ford, brooke hogan and even heidi montag (who along with j-lo, copied brit’s famous nude colored, jewel encrusted bodysuit from her flawless performance at the 2000 vma’s) even some country chick copied britney’s “baby-one more time” video and she has influenced other pop stars such as lady gaga and miley cyrus. people can talk about christina’s voice all they want, but don’t forget that britney has had some of the most iconic and legendary performances OF ALL TIME, including the 2000 vma’s (which as i already mentioned has been copied by other pop stars) and her performance of “i’m a slave for you” with the snake, not to mention the performance with madonna and christina, where the # pop princess miss spears stole the show once again from poor pathetic christina. i agree with the others that say the numbers don’t lie-britney sells more, she’s more popular, she’s FAR sexier (even when christina tried her damnest to steal her spotlight during the dirrty era) she’s a superior performer and she’s just got “it”-that special something that makes lust after her and want to be like her. christina fans, no matter how hard you try, christina will NEVER have the magic that britney does!

  64. bob says:

    You are 100% wrong for 2 reasons. 1. Britney is at least semi hot. Christina is ugly as sh** and looks like a trashy whore. 2. Christina can’t sing at all. Even if Britney uses editing to make her voice sound better on her cd’s she still has some talent. All Christina does is yell into a mic in a horrible sounding voice. I seriously want to take a toilet brush and scrub her throat out so she’ll sound better.

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