Britney Spears Is the Most Searched Woman Online Of The Year

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Britney Spears ends 2003 being Lycos’ most searched woman of the year. All year long Britney stayed in the top 50 most searched terms, never dropping lower then #20. This is the 5th year Lycos has been around, and for 5 years Britney was the #1 woman. This also makes her the #1 most searched singer, beating out all of her male competitors also. Other female singers making the list include, Jennifer Lopez at #5, making her peak at #7, Avril Lavigne at #10, Hilary Duff debuting at #11, and climbs from #19 to #12, with a little help from Britney. Down the list a little, Beyonce enters at #14, falls to #15, Aaliyah falls to #16, and Shania Twain debuts at #20. Interesting fact, Britney has been on 224 weeks, and the fact that Lycos is 224 weeks old shows Britney has been on since day number one. Only five other terms own the honor.

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10 thoughts on “Britney Spears Is the Most Searched Woman Online Of The Year

  1. dum_BLONDE says:

    Yet some ignorant reporters still have the nerve to consider her one of the top 3 most “boring” celebrities…HA!

  2. rangergirl says:

    Of course, Madonna rose on the list with her association of a young popular girl. I remember reading in Rolling Stone Magazine a few years ago, that when Madonna was asked about the new pop stars like Britney and Christina A. she rolled her eyes!! I guess she changed her mind. Leave it to the ole media whoring hag to latch on to the new hot girl(s). What a pathetic attempt to keep herself popular and “relevant”.

  3. JMAX says:

    Interesting fact, Britney has been on 224 weeks, and the fact that Lycos is 224 weeks old shows Britney has been on since day number one.” That is interesting. Britney has been on the list every week that the list has existed. I wonder what the “five other terms” are.

  4. jimmypee says:

    SHE is totally boring. her PR team are just very pathetic and overbearing’, ‘there is absolutely no correlation.

    It’s funny isn’t it? her searches go up, yet her sales go DOWN. she’s the most searched, and yet countless people outsell her and outperform her in the charts. ergo she is ALL hype, and that hype is running out. she’s just a pointless famewhore, and nothing much more.

  5. LifeOrSomethingLikeIt says:

    That’s very impressive. It shows that people are still really interested in Britney. I know I have been hitting the search engines about her lately.

  6. getalifeyall says:

    Of course, Britney is the best. Who wouldn’t wanna search for her?

  7. CARPEDIEM says:

    Again, she must be doing something right. You go you little twit. I wish you much much much success because it really pisses off the haters. I hope she’s here for years to come.

  8. Hotstar says:

    Go Britney, face it haters she is number 1 on the net and number 1 in pop. Apparently people are still as interested as ever, despite what some people want to believe.

  9. webanging says:

    Britney remains endlessly fascinating and the most interesting of all pop singers. People can’t stop talking about her. This has also won her a few foes like Christina who became incredibly jealous for all the hype Britney got and she did not get. There is no denying Britney’s continued popularity. Since she came on the scene she has been Pop’s biggest and best star.

  10. RE-BORNARTIST says:

    I kinda wish there wasn’t such an interest in Britney. I want her to keep being successful but not to the point of not having a personal life. Let Avril and Hilary have the princess of pop title, let Christina be queen. Just do your thing, haters will always hate. Just do what you do for yourself and for your fans.

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